Principles of Hospitality Management

Hyatt Hotels Corporation

Term Paper, 2012

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Hyatt Hotels Corporation is one of the largest hotel chains in the world. Founded in 1957, the organization operates approximately 492 properties across the world. The recent allegations of unjust employment practices have severely affected the reputation of the organization. This small research paper aims to identify various allegations against the Hotel by reviewing wide-range of literature present on internet and focuses on finding out various issues and factors that affect the Labour Relations Board’s practices and standards. This research paper also summarizes the findings using critical path thinking strategy to recommend strategies that adhere to an optimum level of practices of the Hospitality Industry.

Allegations of Unjust Practices against Hyatt

Hyatt Hotels Corporation has been facing numerous of allegations regarding unjust employment practices followed by the top management of the organization. The major allegation against Hyatt was that the organization has been implementing offensive and abhorrent policies towards its employees, who are working as housekeepers (Liu, 2012). Hyatt Hotels has been really exploiting housekeepers with crushing huge workloads making them to clean almost 30 rooms in 8-hour shift. These crushing workloads have been leaving housekeepers to suffer from severe pain and hardship. Thus, housekeepers of Hyatt have alleged that the unethical and unjust labor practices followed by the organization have been severely impacting their well-being and human rights and dignity (Liu, 2012).

Hyatt housekeepers have become united and launched global boycott of Hyatt Hotels to let everybody know about unjust employment practices followed by Hyatt. On July 23, 2012, the Unite Hare, a multi-industry union has called for Global boycott of Hyatt to prove against unethical labor practices followed by the organization (Liu, 2012). Groups such as National Organization of Women and National Gay and Lesbian Task Force have also joined hands with Unite Hare by making allegations against Hyatt Hotels that the organization has fired women workers unreasonably without any notices after they have revealed these injustices and unethical practices, which are happening with in the organization to public (Ritter, 2012).


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Hyatt Hotels Corporation
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