Analysing Global Products: Dell Inc

Global Marketing

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Global Strategy adopted by Dell
Critical factors of success of global direct model of Dell
Rapid Response Sales
Rapid Response Customer Service
Rapid Response Value Chain.
Rapid Response for Continuous Improvement




Dell is globally acknowledged for its award winning products and marvelous services. Dell was founded in 1984 and with headquarter located in Round Rock, Texas. It is operating in more than 33 countries and having its customers in more than 170 countries (, 1998).

Dell is devoted in delivering the innovative technology and remarkable services in responsive and reliable manner. Dell is a hub of wide range of products including laptops, notebook, desktop computers, network servers, monitors, high end storage products, handheld computers, printers, workstations, and variety of computer software and peripherals (Powerful words, 2012).

It is the third largest and the fastest growing company in the computer systems industry and it is intending to deliver superior experience to the customers, via its unique direct business model. It has bestowed the world with award winning products and relevant service, in all around the globe (Suzanne, 2009).

The success story of Dell is based on the simple promise which is to listen to the valuable customers and deliver the services and technology they value (Donald & Sarah, 2010).

Global Strategy adopted by Dell

Dell computer corporation is the most visible success story in the market as they sale their computers directly to the customers over internet. They have adopted direct model approach for globally selling their products. This approach bridges the gap between the customers and suppliers and wins their trust and loyalty. The system works as build-to-order sales and link the workers, managers, suppliers, service personals and customers on its internet build rapid response system. It has proved to be revolution for the company’s communication system (Suzanne, 2009).

Dell’s global strategy of direct model is in fear to be get imitated by other key players of the market. Dell is the model cycle reduction time firm as it applies time reduction cycle to each and every aspect of its business operations and gain dramatic results (Powerful words, 2012).

Critical factors of success of global direct model of Dell

Dell is currently employing four rapid response systems for providing real time communication and collaborates its stakeholder for linking them in one functional community. These response systems are then employed to improve global communication and helps in maintaining the interpersonal relationships among stakeholders (Donald & Sarah, 2010). These systems then prove to be performance enhancer for the company, collectively and individually they have provided rapid and successful global communication. Let’s have a look on it:


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Global Marketing
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