Employee behavior and organizational change in Sainsbury, UK

Research Paper (postgraduate), 2012
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Chapter One: Introduction
1.1 Research Context
1.2 Aim of Research
1.3 Research Objectives
1.4 Research Questions
1.5 Significance of Research
1.5 Organizational Preview

Chapter Two: Literature Review
2.1 Defining Organizational Change
2.2 External Drivers of Change:
2.3 Internal Drivers of Change

Chapter Three: Research Methodology
3.1 Research Design
3.2 Research Methods
3.3 Data Collection Techniques
3.4 Sampling and Population
3.5 Validity and Reliability of Research
3.6 Data Analysis Techniques
3.7 Ethical Considerations
3.8 Research Time Line
3.9 Structure of Research
Chapter One: Introduction
Chapter Two: Literature Review
Chapter Three: Research Methodology
Chapter Four: Research Findings and Analysis
Chapter Five: Conclusion and Recommendations



Chapter One: Introduction

1.1 Research Context

Organizations are not developed as static entities rather they evolve over the period of time. In the current era, globalization trends have been causing organizations to evolve continuously. External environment of organizational faces change on a continuous basis. If organizations do not respond to changes in the external environment, organizational success can be challenging. Organizational changes may have different impacts on employee behaviours and attitudes. The proposed research is intended to study employee behaviours towards organizational changes.

For the organizational development, change is considered as an important and crucial element. In the external environment of organizations, several factors contribute or create an environment for organizational change. These factors may include increasing competition, technological development, globalization and mergers and acquisitions. All these factors suggest that organizations need to be developed or evolved over the period of time. It is very important to get to know that what organizational change is all about. This is because without identification of organizational change, it will be very difficult to understand the other perspectives of organization change. Macleod (2009) noted that change is transformational process which makes an organization to move from one stable state to another stable state. Moreover, Macleod (2009) also noted that organizational changes take place when organizations make changes in their technological processes and strategies. This reveals that organizational change is not an abrupt process, rather it is implemented with an appropriate purpose. While discussing organizational changes, several authors also discuss about change management which is a process by which organizations manage their new technology, process of change in management (Diefenbach, 2005). It reveals that organizations need to focus on the change management perspectives for ensuring appropriate implementation of change efforts.

Change management has been studied by several authors and researchers. This reveals that in the last two decades, significant changes have been traced in the organizational change management. Stanleigh (2008) suggests that organizational need to adopt appropriate mechanisms and strategies for ensuring effective management of change. He also argued that change management can become a crucial because implementation of change in the organization may lead to uncertainty and doubts in the minds of employees of an organization which can ultimately lead to failure of organizational change. In this regard, authors such as Stanleigh (2008) and Macleod (2009) have argued that organizations need to know the attitudes, processes, behaviors and philosophy of employees before changing organizational processes or technological perspectives.

Many earlier authors and researcher have studied the organizational change process in different ways. In some studies, challenges faced by management in change implementation process have been discussed while others focus on developing effective change management programs. Avey, Wernsing, & Luthans (2008) have found a complex emotional situation in employees during the implementation of the change program. This suggests that employees may go through emotional trauma during the implementation of change program because the routines, processes and equipments they worked previously have changed. Kiefer (2012) has described stage models from psychology to describe the perceptions and emotional of employees during the change implementation programs. Although these models have been very effective elaborating the emotional situation of employees during the change implementation program but they failed to explain the procedural ways through which emotions of employees can be managed effectively for change implementation. In addition, these models have not discussed the change process from multiple aspects rather considered that the change through individual perspectives. Therefore, the earlier studies have not sufficiently explained the change implementation processes and attitudes of employees in an effective way. Therefore, there is need to construct new studies for the management of change programs from employee behaviour perspective. In order to bridge this literature gap, the proposed research will be conducted to evaluate the employee behaviour towards the organizational change process. The proposed study will discuss that how change from multiple perspective impact employee behaviour in an organization.

1.2 Aim of Research

The aim of proposed research is “To study employee behaviour towards organizational changes in Sainsbury, London”

1.3 Research Objectives

The aim of the proposed research will be achieved through the following objectives:

- To study theoretical models of organizational changes
- To study factors which drive organizational changes
- To examine organizational changes in Sainsbury, London
- To examine the influence of organizational changes in behaviours and attitudes of employees in Sainsbury, London
- To study the influence of communication in bringing successful organizational change
- To examine the challenges faced by management of Sainsbury, London while implementing organizational change initiatives
- To study ways through which organizational change programs are successfully implemented in the organization

1.4 Research Questions

The proposed research will be conducted around following research questions:

- What is organizational change?
- What type of organizational changes is introduced in Sainsbury, London?
- How do employees respond to organizational change in Sainsbury, London?
- What are the challenges faced by management in implementing successful organizational changes in Sainsbury, London?
- How can employees support organizational change initiatives to achieve organizational aims in Sainsbury, London?


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Employee behavior and organizational change in Sainsbury, UK
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