Workforce, employee resourcing and development and the role of human resources

A case study of Siemens

Term Paper, 2014

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Part One
Organization studied: Siemens
Importance of people in Siemens
Employee resourcing in Siemens
Employee development in Siemens
Role of HR in Siemens

Part Two
Key Findings
Key Findings: Importance of People
Key Findings: Employee Resourcing
Key Findings: Employee Development
Key Findings: HR and its role




In the earlier times, only cash, shares etc. were considered the ‘capital’ for the organization. But with the changing times, the organizations have realized that ‘people’ are its most important resource and they belong to what we term as ‘capital’. Organizations have realized that besides the physical resources (Physical resources are tangible items that the organization uses to get its work done, such as laptops, stationery, printing machines, cooking supplies, mobiles, internet connection etc.) and financial resources (such as allotted funds for various expenditures and budgets fixed and made available to the organization), an organization also has resources which compliment the organization behavior; resources like knowledge, ability, skills acquired decision-making and intelligence of the employees.

Because of the value that people add in the organization, it is essential that organizations realize their importance and take measures to ensure that the needs and expectations of their workforce are fulfilled, regardless of their contribution or the nature of their job. The people who are the resources acting behind the scene, working and contributing to the organization, are the most valuable resources that a company possess and can utilize to create a competitive advantage for themselves.

(Vleet, 2011)

Siemens believe that the people who have the spark to make a difference and do something in life, they are always welcomed and are trained and developed. At Siemens, they have various training and development programs, they value people a lot. Siemens basically believes that their company is run by its employees and they must be taken utmost care of. Siemens also sharpens the skills of the people from time to time so that to ensure continuous employ

ee development keeps going on and on.

Part One

Organization studied: Siemens

The organization which has been taken for the reference is SEIMENS.

Siemens is a global electrical company doing electronics business earning a turnover of nearly £60 billion. The company is based in Munich, Germany. It exists in various countries all across the world. In UK, Siemens has around 100 sites and its headquarters are in Bracknell, Berkshire. Siemens employs nearly 20,000 people across UK and the count is similar for various other countries. The company has undergone massive expansion and has under half a million people around the world working with them. (Siemens, n.d.)

Siemens and its products impact our lives in many ways. From Siemens toaster which works on electricity helps us to toast bread to the traffic lights which guide us on our roads; from power distribution all over to life-saving MRI scans aided by Siemens advanced medical imaging technology used by doctors in the hospitals, Siemens is contributing a lot in making our lives better. (Siemens, n.d.)

Siemens being a global company has its offices all over the globe, hence they need to take care of different types of people in different ways. While transferring people too, they need to ensure that a lot of things are in place hence the cultural difference can result into a resistance. Irrespective of the country or the culture, they try to standardize as much as possible so that the employees feel comfortable in whichever office of Siemens they work.

Siemens is a fully fledged global company with a huge number of products and services offered across the globe and are very successful in management of their employees. Hence, the reason behind choosing Siemens as an organization for this assignment.

Importance of people in Siemens

It is said that the employees are the one who make the company and even those who can break the company. In Siemens, they don’t call it people management, but People Excellence.

An entrepreneur cannot all alone run his or her own business. There is always a basic requirement of some support not only financially but also manpower to get his work done. Without doubt good employees are a good assert to an organisation. Many leading MNC and IT related companies have a trend of hiring many fresher and train them according to their work wise requirement.

Not only to do the actual work but also for admin related work there is a huge requirement of employment. All in all it is essential for a company to realise the requirement of workforce. A valuable mankind is required not only for to be a good team player, a good team leader but also for perform excellent. (Sicz., 2013)

Organisational Structure:

In a company or organisation there are people who work not only in foreground but also in background. Right from the CEO or the founder to the peon, each and every person holds his or her responsibility. There are people who look around finance for the company flowing in and out across Siemens. Marketing people ensure there is enough knowledge about the company around the world. Sales person just get there product or service sold to their respective client.  There are huge bunch of people getting the product or service prepared for the organisation. Hiring employee is done by HR team. At last there are admin related people who take care of the workplace and the people working in and across the organisation. Similar to Siemens every organisation must have a proper utilisation of resource and should be paid value for money.  Absence of either of the levels can cause a huge impact on the organisation.

Hiring trends:

With such a huge population, and the demand to get the best person for the post Siemens go through vivid techniques to hire an individual. To make people aware about the job openings, companies post ads on online portal or newspapers classified ads. Later on various technical and non-technical exams and interviews are conducted with well-educated and experienced panel of judges judging them. All in all a huge sum of money is spent to get the cream out of the whole lot.

Why Companies losses assets:

A company when fail to value, reward or motivate their employees is when it loses them. There is a hell lot of competition in the market if an employer is not satisfied then he/ she tends to leaves. For the same it is important for a company to offer good work, acknowledge their contribution as well as support them. (Anderson, 2012)

Resistance from People:

With different nature of people in working together under a single roof, it becomes a job of the leader to hold his responsibility and make cluster of people work in a single direction. At many places if a person is not satisfied for any of the reason, they can just revolt. There are union of workers in many places. If their demands are not fulfilled they can go on strike. E.g.: In a shoe making company , since the workers were not satisfied they wanted a oppose the higher authority so to show their anger and aggression they manufactured only left shoe making it necessary for authorities to fulfil their demands. Not only on massive scale but also on smaller scale people spreading false rumour or just spreading grapevine can impact hugely on image of the company.


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A case study of Siemens
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