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Essays on quality management

Anthology, 2014

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What drives consumers?

What quality is

Business Case and EFQM


Human resources management’s contribution to quality improvement

Quality management

Processes to be improved in Human resources management – a case study

Tools that are used to improve quality

5S and decision making

Criticisms of Six Sigma

Six Sigma

Dealing with resistance to change

Organizational learning

Costs of certification

Registration trends –in Africa- on ISO 9000

Ethics and corporate social responsibility as it relates to quality management


This booklet is a collection of essays on quality management related topics. This is most useful to students undertaking quality management studies at Associate and Bachelor’s degree level. I hope that all those who read this booklet gain something significant. Each essay is a standalone one. This means that if an individual has read the essay s/he gains a complete picture of the concept being discussed. Happy reading to you all!

What drives consumers?

Consumers are the people whose needs are to be satisfied. Producers bring products and services that aim to meet the needs of the consumers. In most cases the needs of consumers change. From the article attached to our assignment question, it seems to indicate that producers of products come up with propositions of what the customers want. For example some vehicle designers believe that what buyers of vehicles want include features such as, “durability, reliability, good fuel consumption and low cost of operation.” But the question is: do all consumers of vehicles want these features only? In this article what drives quality of vehicles are the following features, “durability, reliability, good fuel consumption and low cost of operation.” But these are definitely not the only features that consumers of vehicles want. For example, some may want vehicles that are comfortable or which fit for their family sizes. As a result vehicles producers must not concentrate on the specifications laid out by the designers; they need to consult the potential consumers on what type of vehicles they want. In other words vehicle manufacturers must know the expectations of the consumers. They may know that through surveys. In most respects consumers do not have unrealistic expectations. Consumers really know what they want. That is why most marketers say that the customer is the king. This means companies must provide the products that the consumers look forward to have. Yes, consumers demand their right to be consulted on the products they want. Creating products which consumers do not want lead to these products to be on the shelves for long periods. Inventory costs and storage costs among other costs accrue.

In other words what the consumers want leads to quality. Quality is that which meet the needs of the consumers. Consumers want products that meet their expectations. So in order for firms to produce quality products they need to consult the customers who are the expected buyers and consumers of the product. So, the demands for quality by the consumers lead to innovation. Producers are forced to produce the goods and services that meet the needs and expectations of the consumers.


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What quality is

Quality is when a product or service is able to meet the needs of the customers. Quality relates to the ability of a product to perform the function which it is designed to achieve. In most cases the consumers have got some expectations of how a product should at least perform. Once that expectation is met then we say that the product or service is a quality one. Any product or service must satisfy the needs of buyers and consumers. Like what we have learned this week, the product must meet the expectations of the consumers not just meet the specifications or the standards which the designer intends it to be.

Good quality makes me happy. When the product or service that I purchase is of good quality I will always buy the same goods from that seller. I can even buy some other goods of the same brand from the firm. Good quality products lead to repeated purchases. I can even tell other people about the products which would have met or exceeded my expectations. For example in Zimbabwe most people buy vehicles from Japan. There are some types of vehicles that are purchased because they are perceived by most people in the country of meeting their expectations. I have had many cases where the products exceed my expectations. One example is that of medication. At one point I was very ill and I had consulted many physicians, but the medication did not work as I expected. Then I got some medication from one doctor that worked very well. I recovered from the disease that I was suffering from. Another example is that of a vehicle I bought. It is called Honda CRV. I used to own a Toyota corolla, but I had difficulty reaching the place I live, because it is uphill. So when I purchased the Honda, I was able to drive it to my home. This is so because it is a four wheel drive. But when I bought it, I did not know that it was a four wheel drive. Above that I now use less money in maintaining that vehicle.

On the contrary I have purchased some products that did not meet my expectations. When I buy a product does not meet my expectation i regret having purchased such a product. There are a number of examples when the product I bought did not perform according to my expectation. An example of a product that did not meet my expectation was a herbicide. I used a herbicide in my field, but it did not kill the weeds. Since the herbicide had been expensive I felt disappointed. If a product meets your expectation you would like to buy some other products of the same brand or from the same shop.

In conclusion, it is a norm that you would repeat to buy a product that would have met your expectation and you would not repeat to buy a product that would not have met your expectation. Usually, I have some shops from which I prefer to buy some products; on the other hand there are some shops which I do not buy products from based on my past buying experience and the performance of the products or services.


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Business case and EFQM model

Quality is very important if a firm wants to retain important customers. In fact a firm must aim to retain all customers irrespective of who they are. This essay will analyze the problems that ABC Travel has done, according to the case study. It will explore the aspects of EFQM in analyzing the operations of ABC Travel service. Recommendations for improvement of ABC Travel Service will be made.

What has been the service Failures?

There are a number of things that went wrong at ABC Travel. The first problem has been of a very long waiting period before the client is assisted. When the client phoned, the phone was left to ring five times which is a very long moment. Most companies do not allow the phone to ring more than two times before it is picked up for answering. Long waiting period may frustrate the client. The machine answering machine kept of ringing; giving messages and the go back to the music yet the customer had not been properly attended to. Although the machine answered the phone, I think it is a mistake. A machine answered phone must be just being for short periods and in case of emergence only. Some of the information that was requested by the operator required someone to have brought the details. A client could not have those numbers from head without reference. Even the client was a bit worried when he was asked to give those details of the numbers. The client was asked to give the same information two times. When he was expecting to be served he was further asked some questions, meaning that the process was not being streamlined. There were a number of buttons that could be pressed depending on the needs of the client. I feel that such a process could confuse new clients because they would need to cram those details. Furthermore, when the client was answered by the person, the first person was only for domestic flights not for international. It could be imperative that the same operator attends for both domestic and international flights. These are some of the problems faced by the firm.

Who are the main stakeholders?

There are a number of stakeholders who have been mentioned here. Some have not been mentioned clearly, however. The customers are one group of the stakeholders. These are the people who book for the flights. There are two groups of the customers those for domestic and international flights. For example, the writer of this article, James Harrington was a customer. The next stakeholders are the employees of the company. These include the people who answered the calls and assist the customers in whatever they want. In this text these people have been called the operators. These are the people who answered the phones. The company itself, ABC travel is one of the main stakeholder. In fact the company represents the management team that has not been directly mentioned in this discussion. However these are the people who make all plans and the travel arrangements.


In whatever business we are doing the aspect of sustainability should be encompassed; from the planning stages to the execution level. The concept of excellent organizations means that economic, social and ecological preservations must be done. The firm must have the vision and mission, as well as processes and practices that are sustainable. Excellence in organization means that the needs of all the stakeholders must be met, from the surrounding society to the employees and the investors. This essay will discuss how an organization can be sustainable economically, socially and ecologically. Sustainability means that we are not wasteful. Being sustainable means that the current generation benefits now and there is enough for all the future generations; it means the environment is not depleted; that the human value and potential are preserved as much as that the economic resources are not spend. All the means of production must be preserved.

How to achieve economic sustainability

Economic sustainability can be achieved through many ways. It relies on using some resources wisely. One way is to use green sources of raw materials and energy. This relates to using resources that cannot be finished. Examples of resources that cannot be finished include sunlight as source of energy. Some companies and countries now depend on bio-fuel. Another way is to be efficient in the use of resources. Resources must not be wasted. The company must use processes of production that are proven to be efficient and effective. The firm must improve the facilities that lead to production. For example it may replace old machinery with newer and more efficient ones. Roads must be maintained, among other economic infrastructure.

Social sustainability

There is a need to invest in social activities and structures. The firm must support its employees and people around so that they have access to basic facilities and goods such as food, shelter, education and safe life. Another way is to ensure that the working conditions at the company are safe. People who work there must be handled in humane way. They must not be overworked so that they become physically and mentally depleted. Another way is to ensure that the workers are developed so that they improve their capability. People must be given the opportunity to participate in organizational activities and decision making. On the other hand the organization must ensure that the cultural heritage of the local people is preserved. The company practices must not infringe on the people’s main beliefs. An excellent organization must make these aspects part of the organization by incorporating them into the value system of the organization. During the self-assessment time the company needs to look at all these aspects.

Environmental sustainability

The firm has got many aspects in which it ensures that there is ecological sustainability. One way is to reduce the wastage that comes from the economic activities of the firm. Recycling of resources also ensures that there is sustainability. The firm must take part in conserving water resources and other natural resources in the area in which it operates. Modern firms must take effort to reduce global warming through reduction of green house gases emission. Soil conservation and reforestation are some other ways in which the firm can be environmentally sound. In order to achieve this, the firm must have strategies and policies to do that. Continuous auditing of the firm’s operations and practices must be done so as to achieve such targets. All stakeholders must be involved in the planning process.

In conclusion, economic, social and ecological sustainability can be achieved if there is an organization wide planning and evaluation process. There is also need for continuous learning and improvement on the processes in which the company is involved. Aspects of defining, measuring, improving and controlling must be carried out through the organization. Modern organizations must be involved in sustainable activities and programs that are planned from top-down and where related stakeholders take part.


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Human resources management’s contribution to quality improvement

In the organization in which I work I have a lot of input into the quality improvement process. I currently work in the human resources department. I am the Human Resources Manager at a company that has got about five hundred employees. The company I work for is in the agricultural sector; in fact the firm specializes in banana production and selling. Our primary aim is the production and selling of quality bananas. Our bananas are sold locally, in Zimbabwe and are exported to a number of countries, including most countries in Southern Africa. However some of our bananas are sold overseas, mainly in the Middle East and Asia. Quality bananas are those that do not have scratches and yellow very well. They must be of a good size and must have the required maturing.

As a Human Resources Manager, I have got a lot of work to ensure that the quality of bananas is excellent and that the service provided to the stakeholders is very good. The following are some of the ways in which I assist in achieving the highest possible quality in the organization:

- Training of personnel
- Carrying out audits, inspections and surveys
- Having meetings with the staff members
- Giving suggestions for improving our processes and products
- In charge of performance management system
- Fair Rewarding efficient and hard workers
- Disciplining poor performers
- Counselling, mentoring and coaching employees
- Establishing and amending policies and procedures
- And assisting in strategy formulation


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