Albanian Transition. The Contrast between Eastern Mentality and European Identity

Essay, 2014

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During the last two decades leading Albanian political actors have developed political activity based on two parallel indicator: western formal models and marketing electoral programs, as well as eastern oriental model in the way they have designed and developed policy, elections, internal democracy and public discourse. Being correct to western formal models came as foreign imposition, as needed impersonation in terms of lack of experience and practical knowledge, as well as the response of major civic expectations.
The conclusion of this material is that we are dealing with continuous coexistence between Western model in programs and eastern model in practical implementation of these programs. Practical application of a parallel political system, in values, methods and political discourse was due to domestic consumption needs, fragility in the formation of political culture, local recognition of the dominant methods in politics and the pursuit of short-term political goals.
This thesis paper aims to analyze the formal western presentation of the two main political parties and their leaders during the transition, and to make this analysis in comparative relation to feeds and real features in daily political activity. Part of the study are the programs and the most important political positions, international relations associated with the level of democracy and the role of political parties in shaping a democratic, professional studies in the field of political behavior and political discourse.


Albanian Transition. The Contrast between Eastern Mentality and European Identity
University of Tirana  (Albanian Institute of Political Studies)
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Because the new political elites came from the old political elites as a product of the following or their political behavior and its tools in achieving the goals were almost identical. Need for public consumption and dignified international presentation imposed to political elite a formal correct behavior in relation to the slogans of European integration and commitment, the need for votes and power within the country imposed to the same political elite incorrect political behavior, contrary to Western standards and practices.
parties, political behavior, identity, political discourse, West, East
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PhD Afrim Krasniqi (Author), 2014, Albanian Transition. The Contrast between Eastern Mentality and European Identity, Munich, GRIN Verlag,


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Title: Albanian Transition. The Contrast between Eastern Mentality and European Identity

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