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The Author is Afrim Krasniqi who is a journalist and scholar of political science, a former parliamentarian. He holds MA studies at the Frankfurt O. University (Germany), and PhD in Tirana University (History and international relations) currently teaches also political science in Tirana University and has published three other political books: “The Fall of Democracy,” 1997; “The End of Albanian Siberia,” 1998 and “The Political and Civil Society in Albania,”, “Over-power of political parties in Albania,” 2008;“Election in Albania,” 2009;“Political System in Albania 1912-2008,” 2010;“Political Parties and Political Systems” 2010;etc. Mr. Krasniqi serve as the Political Adviser of the President of the Republic since 2002-2007 and 2010-2012.


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Author: PhD Afrim Krasniqi

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