A Novel Compact Wideband Dual-Frequency Rectangular Shaped Antenna For X-Band Applications

Antenna and Wave Propagation

Research Paper (undergraduate), 2014

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In this paper, a novel compact designs of rectangular shaped antenna are proposed. The proposed antenna consists of rectangular shaped patch of Lxp=11.86 mm by Lyp=9.06 mm. The antenna is consists of four circled concave on four corners of rectangular patch. All simulation was done by using Rogers RT/duroid 5880 substrate material having dielectric constant 2.2 and dielectric loss tangent tan δ =0.0009.The designs were analyzed by Finite Element Method (FEM) based HFSS™ Electromagnetic simulator software. Return loss, VSWR plot, smith chart and radiation pattern plots were observed and plotted for all designed antennas. The proposed antenna operates on X-Band (8-12 GHz) frequencies.

Key Words— Microstrip Patch Antenna (MSA), Substrate Permittivity, Return Loss and VSWR.


In modern wireless communication and RF communications wideband and multiband antenna plays a significant role. Microstrip antennas are very popular for their robust design, compactness and better performance for various applications. A microstrip patch antenna is very attractive due to its low cost, conformability and ease of manufacture [1]. A standard configuration for a microstrip antenna is the single rectangular patch which consists of two parallel conducting layers separated by a single thin dielectric substrate material. The lower conductor functions as a ground plane and the upper conductor represent the antenna radiating part or conducting medium [2-4].In this paper two different antenna configurations are presented with wide band dual –frequency response in X-Band.


The proposed antenna geometry is shown in figure 1 and its tilted view is shown in figure 2. The substrate dimension was kept 36.5 × 30.5 mm with height of 1.59 mm. The rectangular patch dimension was kept 11.86 × 9.06 mm with height of 0.02 mm. Excitation to patch conductor was given using wave port. Simulations were performed with proper feed location to obtain frequency response extending from 5 GHz to 12 GHz. It gives return loss (S11) which is further used to calculate VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio). The Simulation results of proposed antenna were performed by HFSS™ which stands for High Frequency Structure Simulator. HFSS™ employs the Finite Element Method (FEM), adaptive meshing & brilliant graphics to gives us unparalleled performance and insight to all of our three dimensional EM problems. Ansoft HFSS™ can be used to calculate parameters such as S Parameters, Resonant Frequency, and radiation fields [5].

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Figure 1 Proposed Antenna Geometry 1 with four circled (radius r=2mm) concave slots on corners Patch Dimension: Lxp=11.86 mm by Lyp=9.06 mm Substrate Dimension: Lxs=36.5 mm by Lys=30.5 mm Feed location was kept variable.

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Figure 2 Tilted View


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A Novel Compact Wideband Dual-Frequency Rectangular Shaped Antenna For X-Band Applications
Antenna and Wave Propagation
Shantilal Shah Engineering College  (Shantilal Shah Engineering College Bhavnagar)
Electronics and Communication Engineering, Communication Systems Engineering
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Antenna, RF, Communication Technology, Wave Propagation, Microwaves
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Ankit Ponkia (Author), 2014, A Novel Compact Wideband Dual-Frequency Rectangular Shaped Antenna For X-Band Applications, Munich, GRIN Verlag, https://www.grin.com/document/283052


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