Review about Gregg Bradens "Fractal Time". A Clue to Human History

Literature Review, 2014
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The book "Fractal Time-The Secret of 2012 and the New World Age" by Gregg Braden explores the discoveries of time as the means of communication from the past. In addition, the book proposes that time defines the map to an individual's future and provides a picture of the world to come. The Mayans identify December 21, 2012 as the end of the world age, particularly to be attributed to the Winter solace. The cycle is predicted to have started in the 5th world age that is approximately 3114 B.C. This defines 1800 years prior the time of the exodus of Moses, which is around 5125 years ago. Parallel to the world-age the traditions of the Indians were passing on through oral traditions thus they may have lost their accuracy along the transmission. Therefore, the oral communications are dated back before the literature.

The four generations that have passed through the end of the world age have been found to have survived the alterations in the climate and the global magnetic field. Therefore, I believe that the rise in the sea levels and the lowered availability of resources for one age presents an opportunity for the next world age. Therefore, it is important to complete the cycle prior to commencing the following cycle. This translates to mean that the earth will experience the greatest distance of its orbit from the harboring galaxy the milky way.

The prophesies made in 2012 proposed that the earth would end, and humankind would be swept away by tidal forces, parallel to historical predictions. However, the author suggests that we are approaching a period where humans will be able to make decisions that can alter our future. I believe that we can use the eye-opening finding of John Braden to modify the results of our future.

It is important to acknowledge that the Mayans failed to examine the beginnings and end of history. There are various propositions on the end of the world from different cultures and religion all over the world. This means that the end of the world is bound to come. In addition, there are various geographical trends such as global warming that have shown that the world fails to be self-sustaining and that continuous destruction of the earth will lead to the demise.Gregg shows that the melting ice caps are merely a part of the cycle through taking global warming as a function of air pollution.The decision of the industry in Japan to release greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere is bound to affect an individual in Egypt. Therefore, it is evident that the actions of every person on the earth is interconnected.

There is an apparent relation between the spiritual and emotional effects, and the physical changes, that bring about a sense of loss of interconnection leading to separation and being lost. It has been noted that the increased distance between the source of the powerful energy. This means leading the ancestors to chaos, greed, warm destruction, and war. The primary theme of the time of great darkness during the period of great darkness that may be noted at the end of the world is contention, discord, and quarrel. Regardless of the fear of the negative results, our ancestors are observed to have had an awareness of the existence of intense love, peace, compassion, and healing.

Currently, the technology and the understanding of our needs provides us with choices; thus, the different possibilities are expected to mold our future. The solar system and the earth move into alignment, thus creating an imaginary line, which defines the bottom of the equator and the top of the galaxy as the Southern and Northern hemisphere, where the source of energy is attributed to the center of the Milky way. The winter solstice of 2012 was predicted to be the central transition region, which started prior and after 12/21, where each of the sides was constituted of a number of years. The Mayans predicted the alignment to be sequential with a range of 26,000 years that represented the movement through 12 zodiac constellations and signs, thus creating a circular path of 360 degrees.

There is a need to update our understanding of time and; consequently, increase our time concepts. The ancient cultures observed time as a continuous wave of cycles caused by waves of energy that were derived from the universe. This produced patterns through a range of dimensions and fractals that harbored conditions of the past; however, the fractals were noted to have greater intensity in determining the future.

The famous scientist Albert Einstein proposed the unity of time and space that was referred to as space-time. This determined the occurrences of everyday life on the various aspects of life including the economy, war and peace, civilizations, social relations and the cosmos that are observed within the space-time. The fractal interrelation between galaxies, planets and the lives of humans is directly associated with the ancient relation that proposes parallelism between above and below.


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Review about Gregg Bradens "Fractal Time". A Clue to Human History
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