Social Performance of Organizations at the Example of BP

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Social Performance of Organizations : British Petroleum (BP)

This paper focuses on the social performance of organizations based on a case study of British petroleum (BP) company. This is one of the largest petroleum companies that deal with petroleum products. It deals with a variety of them that range from fuel, petrochemicals, energy and lubricants that are important in the contemporary society. It also deals with a variety of subcategories under these specific categories mentioned above. These subcategories are: Air Bp, BP Franchising, Gas/ fuel cards for businesses, BP Target neutral, Gas/ fuel cards, motor oil lubricants, Asphalt & bitumen, BP fuels, Gas/ Petrol stations, Gas/petrol station locator, gas power and energy, industrial lubricants, route planner, LPG for the home, liquefied natural gas, BP crudes, BP shipping, Marine fuels and lubricants, NGL, MSDS, and Petrochemicals .(Products & Services, 2014)

Social performance of an organization can be defined to be the actualization of an organizations state of being. In simple terms it can be described to be the implementation of the goals, by living its mission in order to realize its vision. The vision refers to the image which an organization has about its future. The paper will highlight that picture based on the case study of British Petroleum Company.(Stuart, 2004)

The external environment is important for the success of any organization. Any organization that does not scan its surroundings to know what is happening has high chances of failure. The external environment consists of threats and opportunities. These threats can be avoided or mitigated if learnt in advance, and the opportunities if exploited in time can make an organization a success. British petroleum has factors that can influence its success. These threats and opportunities are based on factors as determined by the method of PESTEL analysis that is used to scan the external environment.(Tobias, 2011)The PESTEL entails Political, Economic, Social, Environmental and Technological. The factors that are imperative to consider in the success of this company include: Political and Legal factors. All others are important, but in the sector of petroleum these become more key.

In the instances of political instability in the areas of oil extraction, the prices of oil tend to hike making it difficult for the company to make its operations well as it should be. The other key factor that can determine the success of this company is the rules and regulations imposed to it or into its industry by the government. Either of these can lead to the success or failure of British depending on the way they handle the scenario.

It seeks to specify the nature, structure, types of products and services of British petroleum (BP) company and two key factors in its external environment that can affect its success.

Stakeholder can be defined to be any person or a group of persons, or an organization which has interest in another organization. This is as a result of the mission of the company. The stakeholders of this company in accordance to them are all individuals and organizations who are affected by their services and products. Though, this paper shall tackle only three salient stakeholders who include the customers, the community surrounding the company, and the government. Each of these stake holders have roles to play in regards to British Petroleum that are different. The roles of the customer in this company as a stakeholder include: buying the products that are made by British Petroleum. The community as a stakeholder is important in success of any organization. It helps to make it a success by accepting the project and backing those who undertake the initiative. The last is the government that is tasked with ensuring that the environment of operating is conducive and encouraging.(Stuart, 2004)The relations of all these stakeholders in relation to this company are quite good. In case that a community does not support an organization r a project it difficult for it to succeed and see the light of the day. The fact that BP is in operation is a good indication of the acceptance by the society. The government too has worked hard to have policies that favor BP in its operation. That way it has been able to expand into an international company. The loyalty of the customers, which is necessitated by the provision of quality products by BP is not to be ignored.(Products & Services, 2014)


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Social Performance of Organizations at the Example of BP
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