Cross Cultural Management

Essay, 2015

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Abstract or Introduction

The need for cross-cultural management has become an integral part of the modern business organization. This is because the advancement in communication technology has made it possible for people and groups of people from different cultures to work together electronically, bridging the time and space between people. Migration and movement of people has enabled people from diverse cultures to move and work in a different region from its culture of origin.

Similarly, globalization has made it possible for companies to venture into new markets with new cultures (Cukier and Middleton 1996). All these factors have enabled companies to employ people from different cultural background. Currently, organizations have to confront the reality of having to deal with cultural diversity, which is increasing in the workplace as one of the most serious concerns (Jones 2012). This essay examines the Chinese culture. The discussion revolves around the nature of its culture looking at aspects such as social structure, economic philosophy, language, political philosophy and cultural norms in the society among other important aspects of Chinese culture.

According to Briley (2007), individuals coming from different cultural backgrounds have varied norms, values and expectations, which in turn shape and influence their decisions, judgments and subsequent behavior. Bodley (1994), defines culture to mean values, ideals or rules of living passed on to future generation as social tradition or heritage. It encompasses the complexity of ideas or habits learned that constrain impulses and differentiate human beings from animals. Functionally, it is the way people solve problems of living together or adapt to their environment. Recent studies show that the cultural norms and values are not the only factors influencing individual behavior in organization, but rather come to play depending on the conditions calling for decision-making and judgment.


Cross Cultural Management
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