Business plan for a startup producing high-quality drinking glasses

Project Report, 2016

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Table of Contents

II. General Company Description

III. Products and Services

IV. Pricing and Production

V. Marketing Plan

VI. Market research

VII. Customers

VIII. Competition

IX. Our competitive advantage

X. Sales-Forecasts

XI. Financial Data

XII. Personnel

XIII. Operations

XIV. Startup Expenses and Capitalization

XV. Work Cited

XVI. Investment

II.General Company Description

The products we intend to produce are fine crystal handcrafted glasses. They are special in the way that they are all specifically designed and adapted to various different sorts of drinks. This kind of industry is showing a high potential of growth nowadays as more people than ever before enjoy all kinds of drinks and as the demand of drinking a good quality of wine or also other alcoholic and also non- alcoholic drinks increases it is from big importance to use suitable glasses with different wines and drinks.

Our goal is to establish our products on the European market and to generate a market share of around 5%. The company’s long term goals are to expand and to establish the brand image. Furthermore the goal is to achieve a sustainable profit margin of 20%.

The main group to target are middle aged working people who are looking for an increased experience when drinking wine. But also younger people focus more and more on the glasses they are using to drink wine and other alcoholic drinks and therefore represent a growing hope group.

Together with a good friend and partner we plan to establish a new firm in the form of a limited liability company.

III. Products and Services

There are several advantages that make our products competitive to our direct and indirect competitors. The first one is the high quality as our products are almost all hand-blown. Furthermore the fact that the glasses adapt precisely to the different sorts of wine is another remarkable advantage that lifts the products up from ordinary cheap wine glasses that can be found everywhere. In addition to that the glasses will be offered at a better price compared to the competitors as for example Riedelglas who are probably the leading force on the market and still the quality is absolutely comparable.

IV. Pricing and Production

Country of Production: Czech Republic

Cost of producing one glass:

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Retail Price:

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V. Marketing Plan

Introduction to the market

First of all to introduce our products we want to sell them on the Middle-European markets and to establish them there. After that the next step is to expand the selling to distributors within all of Europe, beginning with the Scandinavian markets. The production must keep pace with increasing sales and must always be balanced to avoid delivery shortcuts.

Australia and New Zealand would be best suited for a further step to expand abroad. China and the Central Asian markets are going to be markets that should be targeted as wine consume is showing great increases there. Another Asian market that also can be tackled after the successful establishment of the already mentioned markets is Japan. There wine drinking and especially the enjoying of a high quality ambience are getting more and more popular. Furthermore people are looking for glasses that are affordable but still have a high quality standard and are exclusive.

The Global wine market is internationally growing and the growth of the wine market is linked to the increased demand of high-quality wine glasses. Therefore this kind of business area is definitely something that has a future and definitely worth to enter.

Whereas the growth is stagnant or even recessive in the European Union, the market is growing in Oceania, North and South America and also Asia.

Brazil is currently experiencing a per year growth rate of around three percent which makes it definitely a marketing target with the Olympic Games coming up this summer.

VI. Market research

The current wine market is experiencing steady growth rates, therefore the demand for glasses and especially for high-quality glasses is also necessarily growing.

- Since 2000, the high frequency wine drinker segment (defined as those who consume wine several times per week or daily) has more than doubled – from 7.6% of all U.S. LDA (legal drinking age) adults in 2000 to 13% in 2015. (
- Of the total $216 billion consumers annually spend on beverage alcohol (both on and off premise), $104 billion is spent on beer, $80 billion on spirits and $32 billion on wine. (Source: Beverage Information Group, Annual 2015 Preliminary Estimates) (
- Sparkling wine growth is leading in the off premise wine channel with an 11.7% dollar growth rate in 2015 while table wine is increasing at a 5.2% annual growth rate. (Source: Nielsen Total U.S. All Outlets, (xAOC + Liquor Plus + Conv + Military); 52 w/e 1-2-2016) (

As shown in the table below, the wine market is strongly growing in Asia recently. Especially in China, which is experiencing growth rates of almost 200 percent and in Singapore as well. The United States and the United Kingdom are also showing particular high growth rates and should therefore also be eligible target markets.

illustration not visible in this excerpt

VII. Customers

As already stated in the introduction of my plan merely middle aged working people will be targeted initially.

They appear to be the perfect clientele of the products as they are more or less wealthy and willing to spend money for high quality products that round up their experience in drinking and enjoying wine and drinks. A growing group appear to be younger people as they like to drink modern aperitifs like Aperol, Campari etc. and also begin more and more to drink Rosé wines.

The geographic area where to focus on is mostly the cities and the suburbs and outskirts of the cities.

Therefore the businesses where the products are going to be sold to are mostly businesses that are located in cities. There are also chains of businesses and through them bigger areas can be covered as they often have settlements in many different areas, as well cities as well as in more rural regions.

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Target Group Women

- Wine is winning with women. Women account for 57% of wine volume in the U.S. (Source: Nielsen Spectra 2015)
- 51% of females 21-24 say organic or sustainably-produced products are important when making their purchase decision for wine, while 38% of total females (vs 32% of males) say it’s important for wine. (Source: Nielsen survey conducted by Harris Poll, August 2015)
- 66% of female wine purchases are planned. (Source: Nielsen Bev Al Category Shopping Fundamentals 2014)


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