Compliance of "Scattered Lives" with Verbatim Theatre Style

Essay, 2016

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Verbatim Theatre is a relatively modern style of theatre, where performances are based on real events and the personal experiences of real people The emerging style is “one of the most incisive forms of political theatre” and “has arisen as the medium chosen to depict major societal issues” (Cantrell, 2012). The performance "Scattered Lives" was written and directed by Sally McKenzie and was first performed by La Boite Theatre on 30th April 2001, Brisbane with Pip Boyce and Sandro Colarelli as the female and male roles respectively. The highly emotive and politically provocative performance was rightfully nominated for a prestigious AWGIE writing award in 2002, due to its significance in sharing the lives of refugees. The performance impressively manipulated the conventions of Verbatim Theatre and the elements of drama to masterfully facilitate dramatic action and communicate meaning to audiences. Through the exploitation of episodic structure, shared story and tension, "Scattered Lives" has effectively conveyed the personal experiences of Australian refugees through the production of an informative and empowering performance.


Compliance of "Scattered Lives" with Verbatim Theatre Style
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Verbatim Theatre, Drama, Elements of drama, Scattered Lives, Sally McKenzie, Australia, Performance, Tension, Episodic structure, Shared story, Refugees
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Kassidy-Rose McMahon (Author), 2016, Compliance of "Scattered Lives" with Verbatim Theatre Style, Munich, GRIN Verlag,


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Title: Compliance of "Scattered Lives" with Verbatim Theatre Style

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