Foundational Concepts Of Effective Business Communication

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1. Diagnosis and Reflection.

2. Literature Review

3. Action Plan



Business communication is about being able to build strong relationships founded on efficient and effective exchange of information between employees, vendors and distributors, customers and clients as well as other businesses. The relationships build through business activities require trust, systematic and efficient communication. Without this critical element, businesses would fail since they cannot earn profit. This explains why communication is often regarded as the life blood of a business.

In order to make our communication is daily life or regular work practice effective; we must begin by identifying the limitations in our communication, and then adopt the necessary techniques to mitigate our practice. Therefore, this through self-assessment, this report will aid me in discovering areas in my communication that require perfection. I will apply various diagnostic tools and explore key concept and models that are significant so as to achieve effective business communication.

General Purpose: to explore the foundational concepts of effective business communication.

Specific Purpose: to conduct reflection through five diagnostic tools and feedback in order to determine my communication issues, perform a theoretical literature review, and create an action plan which I would pursue to make my communication effective.

1. Diagnosis and Reflection.

A. Personal Report of Intercultural Communication Apprehension (PRICA)

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Personal Report of Intercultural Communication Apprehension (PRICA) is an assessment tool designed to measure communication apprehension in the intercultural context—anxiety experienced during intercultural interaction. Neuliep and McCroskey (1997) developed this tool while conducting assessment in the united stated—where communication apprehension from an interethnic context is more prominent due to the unavoidable nature of intercultural engagement. PRICA was derived from PRCA-24 (McCroskey, 1982) used to measure communication fear in situations.

My findings from this tool reported a score of fifty out of seventy, an indication of moderate intercultural skills. Currently, most aspects of our lives are prone to accelerated development. With globalization, cross-cultural communication has increased and businesses have stressed the significance of awareness of various cultural norms. Intercultural communication apprehension (ICA) is the anxiety pertaining to real or anticipated interaction with people from different cultural groups. Conceptually, this is a communication context regarded as highly uncertain. Such uncertainty causes much anxiety due unfamiliarity, novelty and dissimilarity. During my first interaction with foreign students at my new school, I was highly limited in my communication skills due to the aforementioned factors of intercultural communication. I was nervous because of the fear that my unique accent was deficient and might be ridiculed. However, I am gradually learning to adapt.

B. Personal Report of Public Speaking Anxiety (PRPSA)

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Personal Report of Public Speaking Anxiety (PRPSA) is a measure of communication anxiety in the public spectrum that was created by James MCCroskey (1991). It is used as an assessment to assist individuals working on their public speaking skills by measuring public speaking as a kind of self-assessed communication apprehension.

My results from this evaluation show that I exhibit high anxiety during public speaking—a score of 161. This indicates a public speaking skills deficit i.e. my anxiety increases in public due to inadequate skills to achieve the objective of my address. According to the conditioning viewpoint, one may feel anxious in a public setting because a considerably neutral communication act becomes linked to aversive outcomes (McCroskey, 1984).

During a recent technology festival held at my institute, I was called upon to give a thanksgiving address. This opportunity revealed my limitations in public speaking. I was anxious throughout the brief moment and could not get my message across effectively. Since I had not organized my thoughts well, I ended up forgetting part of what I had intended to say. By undertaking significant improvement on my skills, I will be able to deliver my message across effectively when faced with a similar task in future.


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