The Influence of Celebrity Endorsements on the Buying Intension of Young Consumers in India

Project Report, 2017

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Table of Contents


1.1 Overview
1.2 Objectives of the Study
1.3 Significance of the Study
1.4 Scope of the Study
1.5 Limitation of the Study
1.6 Future directions

2.1 Celebrity endorsement
2.2 Rise of celebrity culture
2.3 Forms of celebrity endorsement
2.4 Advantages of celebrity endorsement
2.5 Disadvantages of using celebrity endorsement in advertisement
2.6 Consumer Buying Intention
2.7 Model of Consumer Buying Intension

3. Literature Review
3.1 Celebrity endorsement
3.2 Consumer Buying Intension
3.3 Impact of Celebrity endorsement on Consumer buying intension

4. Research Methodology

5.2 Multiple Regression Analysis

6. Findings

7. Recommendations

8. Conclusion




The universe of today is evolving quickly and India is no exception. Particularly after the opening up of the economy, the pace of progress that India and its people are encountering in their socio-social environment is mind boggling. Every brand attempts to steal at least fraction of a person’s time to inform him/her about the amazing and different attributes of the product at hand. The challenge of the marketer is to find a hook that will hold the subject’s attention. In helping to achieve this, use of celebrity for endorsement of a brand is widely used marketing strategy. It has been uncovered amid the examination that whooping sums being paid by the advertisers to these celebrities are some place powerful.

The main objective of this study is to analyze the impact of various constructs of celebrity endorsement on the buying intention of young consumer. There is two more objective of this study such as to identify the various constructs of celebrity endorsement and to now the consumer perception towards celebrity endorsement.

The next step in this study is to considered research methodology, where this research is based on exploratory research as well as descriptive research. Source of data for the present study has equal contribution of both primary and secondary data. Secondary data is collected through review of existing literatures, journals and research theses to understand the background of the study whereas primary data was carried out with the help of a well-structured questionnaire and likert scales were used for scaling the questions. Data was collected from 160 young respondents and it was reliable for the study.

For data analysis a Software SPSS 20.0 (Statistical Package for social science) is used to analyze the data with help of the different tools for different analysis such as exploratory factor analysis to find the constructs of celebrity endorsement, and then next is multiple regression analysis to know the impact of celebrity endorsement on consumer buying intention and the last one is descriptive analysis for demographic variables was used.

The next step of this study is finding, where outcomes demonstrate that youthful consumers particularly understudy are being influenced by the nearness of celebrity. The study was very successful in achieving its all objectives of the research. With the help of different analysis it is clear that the Celebrities have huge degree of ability to influence a consumer's buying intension. It helps in mark acknowledgment, mark review and working up the picture of the product. It is trusted that products embraced by the celebrity are of good quality. Supports can be more successful if celebrity themselves guarantee that they are utilizing the brand they underwrite and in this way guarantee about the validity of the product The use of celebrity endorsements in advertising has become a trend and a perceived winning formula of corporate image building and product marketing.

Finally a conclusion, where the briefing and the topic research is being given along with all the reference used for the study.


1.1 Overview

Everyday consumers are presented to a huge number of voices and pictures in magazines, daily papers, boards, sites, radio and TV, and so forth. Each brand endeavors to take at any rate portion of a man's a great opportunity to educate him/her of the stunning and diverse traits of the current product. The test of the advertiser is to discover a capture that will hold the subject's consideration. In accomplishing this, utilization of celebrity for endorsement of a brand is broadly utilized advertising procedure. Celebrity Endorsement is a very unique and advance technique for brand promotions. This Technique is utilized as a part of the Promotion of the products either residential or way of life marked products. Presently a day this kind of Marketing Strategy is generally received by different marked firms. This range is utilized to affect the consumers. Firms realizes that this range of advancement is extremely costly and brought about high cost however some place it is useful for the extension of their business and offers of the firm so keeping this perspective in their thought each firm contracts and fix an agreement with various reputed and mega celebrities to get endorse their life style products very rapidly in the market among their esteemed consumers.

In today's very aggressive markets, huge brands are at lumberjack heads with regards to products, each having a comparable product to that of an opponent. Where does one brand pick up that quintessential favorable position - publicizing, benefit, guarantee of trust, or even the immensely essential value components? Promoting is by all accounts the best stage where brands like to contend on - appropriate from procuring the best publicizing organizations to getting the greatest celebrities. What might be the recipe to achievement at that point? All things considered, a great inventive organization, a sufficiently substantial limited time spending plan and a colossal star to embrace your image would guarantee in the psyches of a brand administration group a sentiment security, achievement and a triumph over the competitors brand. The best supports accomplish a mixed harmony between the product (brand) and the celebrity. Giving a brand a "face" is something beyond a showcasing methodology to build deals or pick up piece of the pie; it is a choice that can change the eventual fate of the brand until the end of time. Decision of the celebrity, henceforth, is of most extreme significance and is generally done in light of a wide range of parameters - request, looks, prominence or even only a dream figure to support a brand. The distinctive models connected by brands to accomplish the maximum capacity of such supports, highlight the requirement for a joining between the hypothetical and down to business methodologies of brand building and practical promoting. The significance of a celebrity brands coordinate and the different parts played by them as brand-partners demonstrate the energy this system has picked up in the most recent decade or somewhere in the vicinity. We set forward specific thoughts like 'situating by affiliation', 'lessening celebrity utility’ and the Multiplier Effect which demonstrate the triangular connection between the brand, the buyer and the Celebrity.

Many researchers have done different study in the same area and stated that Celebrity endorsement has reasonable impact on consumers as per their attitude and purchase intention. Physical attractiveness, credibility and congruence of celebrity with reference to the endorsed advertisement all have impact on the consumer’s perception about the advertised product. Celebrity endorsements will be more effective when used consistently over time to increase the strength of the link between the celebrity and the endorsed brand and Celebrity endorsement decisively gives more visibility to the product endorsed.

The main objective of this study is to analyze the impact of various constructs of celebrity endorsement on the buying intention of young consumer. There is two more objective of this study such as to identify the various constructs of celebrity endorsement and to now the consumer perception towards celebrity endorsement.

1.2 Objectives of the Study

- To identify the constructs of celebrity endorsement that influences the buying intension of consumers.
- To study the impact of various constructs of celebrity endorsement on consumer buying intension.
- To know the consumer perception towards celebrity endorsement.

1.3 Significance of the Study

Celebrity add flavor to the notice battles and make them beautiful drawing in the eyeballs of the millions. It revives the brand picture and aides in fast brand acknowledgment. Relationship of a brand with an exceptionally noted celebrity can make it more appealing. The influence of the celebrity endorsement and its impact on the more youthful eras has been an issue for a long while. In this manner, the present examination endeavors to break down the effect of celebrity claim on buying expectation of college going youth and also working youthful experts. The present study will give an unmistakable comprehension of the above talked about idea. The current study will be useful for publicizing specialists, advertisers, scientists and academicians in gathering the effect of celebrity endorsement.

1.4 Scope of the Study

In Indian context it is extremely relevant to understand and study the role of Indian Celebrities in generating Brand Awareness - Recall and Brand Preference among the young target audience coming from different cultural backgrounds. This research will open up new avenues for research with Indian Celebrities by trying to address the research gaps highlighted in this paper based on extensive review of literature.

1.5 Limitation of the Study

- The time of research was short due to that many facts have been left untouched.
- The sample size is limited to 160 young consumers only hence the result of the study cannot be generalized universally.
- Finding of the research are based on the assumption that the respondents have given correct information.
- Since the respondents had to fill the questionnaire while busy with their hectic schedule, many people were reluctant to answer.

1.6 Future directions

Research can be replicated for longer span of time for more generalized results. It can be conduct in different contexts or regions to verify results match or differ. This study was conducted to verify whether the various constructs of celebrity endorsement viz. film star acceptance, glamour, familiarity, credibility, and its image have any impact or not upon the young age level of consumers and companies can design its promotional activities based on various constructs of celebrity endorsement especially in the case of film star as it is accepted by millions of people.


2.1 Celebrity endorsement

Advertising is any paid form of non-personal communication about organization, product, service or idea by an identified sponsor. To do so advertisers employ several of marketing techniques and celebrity endorsement is one of them. The term celebrity is associated with individuals who are frequently in the public eye and typically have a high profile in sports, entertainment industries among others. They are used to endorse services, products, ideas or organizations. Endorsement is a channel of communication where celebrities act as spokesperson of the brand and by extending their popularity and personality they certify the brand‘s claim and position. There is a huge impact of celebrity endorsements among the consumers through television commercials in India, as Indians like the celebrities a lot and there is a huge fan following. A consumer that observes messages for two different firm‘s products, one product‘s message containing a celebrity endorsed and the other not believes the celebrity endorsed product will have more purchases and so be of higher value. Celebrity endorsement if used effectively makes the brand stand out, enhances brand recall and facilitates instant awareness. Celebrities like film stars and cricketers have not only been successful in gathering huge public attention, but also in increasing sales volume.

- It helps in building brand equity.
- It improves ad recall which means people remember the ads easily.
- It makes the people believe that the product contributes to celebrity status.
- Celebrities might help advertising stand out from the surrounding clutter.

2.2 Rise of celebrity culture

The modern mass media has increased the exposure and power of celebrity. Often, celebrity carries with it immense social capitals that is highly sought after by some individuals. High paying jobs and other social perks unavailable to most people are readily available to celebrities, even for wok not connected to the talents or accomplishment that made them famous. For example A retired athletes might receive high “speaking fees 'or compensation for public appearances, despite his talent having been sports. Often, celebrities cannot escape the public eye & risk being followed by fans. As well, child celebrities are notorious for having poor emotional health in adulthood, and often turn to drug and alcohols abuse when their fame fades. In India today, the use of celebrity advertising for companies has become a trend and a perceive winning formula of corporate image building and product marketing. Celebrity endorsements provide opportunities for achieving awareness objectives. This has been observed with various endorser-product matches which seem to have a natural fit such as Michael Jordan for Nike, Elizabeth Taylor for White Diamonds perfume, Nolan Ryan for Advil, and Cindy Crawford for Revlon. Indeed, around 20% of all commercials use some type of celebrity endorsement with the top ten endorser’s earnings; physically attractive celebrity facilitates attitude change towards a brand. The celebrity’s image is transferred to the brand. This transfer of associations is consistent with view of the celebrity endorsement process. Consumer perceptions about celebrity endorsement have been of big interest by researchers in past several years. The results of previous studies showed that the highest benefit of involving celebrities in advertising is to create exposure and attention from consumers. Particular differences and similarities are present in the impact of celebrity endorsements and how consumers perceive them. While there is a positive impact of celebrity endorsements on attention and exposure of consumers, its connection to positive attitudes towards brands and purchase decision is less understandable.

Consumers perceive that information coming from celebrity, especially famous spokesperson has more similarities with their lifestyle and interest in comparison to the unknown persons. Both, theory and practice have proven that the use of celebrities in advertising is a good way for attracting attention of a public. Celebrities are very popular among the public and they enjoy in being seen by vast majority of people. Good looks, interesting lifestyles and different backgrounds are just some of celebrities’ special characteristics that are differentiating them from ordinary people, which guarantee them a great amount of the public’s attention Celebrity endorsers are used by the companies because they are considered to have something that is called ‘’stopping power’’, i.e., a celebrity can be a useful tool to draw attention in advertising messages directed to public. Additionally, consumers usually have perception that, when a celebrity endorses a company, it tells that the company has good reputation, products or good consumer service and their products are worth of buying. Some people are building image of themselves from brand associations based on celebrity endorsement; they do that in a manner that is consistent with self-related needs, such as self-enhancement.

2.3 Forms of celebrity endorsement

A celebrity can endorse brands in different ways depending upon the purpose, the advertisement media and the appeal to be generated. The product could be commercial ones or noncommercial ones (social advertising).

Following types of celebrity endorsement have been identified:

- As spokespersons- E.g. Amitabh Bachan in KBC
- In print and electronics advertisements- Shah Rukh Khan in Omega and Pepsi.
- In outdoor media like hoardings- e.g. Ashwarya Rai in Lux
- As Brand Ambassadors- e.g. Fardeen Khan in Provogue
- The use of Brands by celebrities in movies – e.g. Hero cycles, Paas Paas and Coke in Yaadein.

2.4 Advantages of celebrity endorsement

It’s true; Celebrity endorsements can reap huge rewards for a brand. Using non-celebrity endorsers also have few advantages for companies and one such is that they can develop these characters themselves and mould these characters to fit their brands and target audiences. Yet they have numerous pitfalls that companies should consider before developing an endorsement program.

- Credibility--- For any brand-celebrity collaboration to be successful, the endorser’s personal credibility and believability in terms of perceived expertise and trustworthiness is crucial and greatly influences acceptance with consumers. Furthermore, celebrity endorsements only work when the consumer has a credible belief that the celebrity would really be interested in buying and using your product or service despite being paid to do so. If not, you are probably wasting your money on the endorsement.
- Ensured attention-- Having a celebrity endorses a product, service or brand creates attention. Consumers are more apt to watch an ad if it has a celebrity. Celebrities ensure attention of the target group by breaking the clutter of advertisements and making the advertisement and the brand noticeable. Consciously or unconsciously, the consumer believes that if a celebrity is using this product, service or brand, the company who makes it must be quality.
- Higher degree of recall-- People tend to commensurate the personalities of the celebrity with the brand thereby increasing the recall value of the product.
- Associative benefit-- a celebrity’s preference for a brand gives out a persuasive message. Because the celebrity is benefiting from the brand the consumer will also benefit thus this perception increases the sales or consumer’s attachment to the product.
- Psychographic connect-- celebrities are loved and adored by their fans and advertisers use stars to capitalize on these feelings to sway the fans towards their brands.
- Demographic connect- different stars appeal differently to various demographic segments such as age, gender, class and geographic location among others. This helps in reaching different target groups.
- Mass appeal- some stars have a universal appeal and therefore prove to be good bet to generate interest among the masses ( Zipporah & Mberia, 2014)

2.5 Disadvantages of using celebrity endorsement in advertisement

There are also some downfalls however; once the celebrities’ popularity decreases so does your brand need to make sure that you revive with new celebrities to endorses the products to keep the market growing. Yet even if a celebrity is a good fit for the brand, using one for endorsements has its own set of possible risks:

- Negative Image of the Celebrity--The reputation of the celebrity may derogate after he or she has endorsed the product- incase the celebrity used has a tarnished name; the intension of the celebrity reflects on the brand thus affects the audience attitudes towards the product that they endorse.
- The vampire effect-- in case the celebrity overshadows the brand. This makes the audience to remember the celebrity and not the product being advertised.
- Credibility of Celebrity Who Does Multiple Endorsements-- Multi brand endorsement by the same celebrity would lead to overexposure. The novelty of a celebrity gets diluted if he does too many advertisements, thus the advertisement might not have major influence or meaning to the audience.
- Celebrity and Brand Personality Match--The success of the brand-celebrity collaboration depends significantly on the compatibility between the brand and the celebrity in terms of lifestyle, identity, personality, and positioning. The best endorsement deals manage to equate the product with the appeal of the celebrity. One of the best and most successful examples is Air Jordan with the collaboration between Michael Jordan and Nike, ( Zipporah & Mberia, 2014)

2.6 Consumer Buying Intention

As individuals, consumers usually purchase products or services for personal consumption either for societal purposes, domestic or a gift means, these can define the initial step in the consumer decision process as “need arousal in relation to the emotional and psychological needs relevant to the individual consumer, this occurs when an individual senses a difference between what they perceive to be the ideal versus the actual state of affairs”. However, the degree in which a consumer will actively search to resolve need deficiency relies on the perceived importance of the “problem” and the distinction between desired and current state. If problem recognition is high, then information search and evaluation of alternative options are two potential further stages in the process. Motivation occurs when there is a strong “desire” or “need” for a particular product or brand that the consumer wishes to satisfy. A series of stages must be passed through before an ultimate decision is made whether to purchase or not, during this process a brand choice will be made. Branding strategies used by organizations should be aware of factors that may affect an individual's motivation with regards to needs satisfaction when obtaining products/brands through the initial stages of the consumer decision making process. One determinant of the extent a consumer will evaluate a brand is the involvement the product entails; high involvement decisions mean there is a need for extensive evaluation and information search. Price is frequently seen as a main indicator of involvement level as individuals spend increasingly more time searching and comparing information and prices. Marketers argue that consumer satisfaction depends on the product or service matching consumer expectations. It has been suggested that each member of the household has definable roles within the decision making process which includes: initiator or gatekeeper, influencer, decider, buyer and user. It is unsurprising that organizations pursue branding strategies that incorporate reference group influences such as celebrities to create a specific brand image for the consumer.

In addition to understanding the needs of consumers, organizations need to understand what motivates them to purchase and how they can influence the buying process to ensure that products or services are on the shopping list. Understanding consumers will help to develop and distribute products, as well as getting the right price point and developing successful promotional activities. The psychology of the buying process has been widely studied and no matter what size of business, knowledge of this process can help the business to become more successful. Both business and consumers exhibit patterns of buying intension. The business model is less open to debate as business consumers will almost certainly have some formalized process of buying in place. The task is to understand the process and match marketing activities to the different stages of the process. This means that the consumer will receive the right kind of contact at the right time.

2.7 Model of Consumer Buying Intension

The consumer decision process model illustrates a roadmap of consumers’ minds that marketers and managers could use to help and guide product mix, communication as well as sales strategy. The model captures the activities which would occur when decisions are made in a schematic format. It also shows how different internal and external forces would interact and affect consumers’ thinking, evaluation, and acts. Furthermore, it could help people to solve the problems which lead them to make a purchase and consume the products. The steps of consumer decision process include; problem recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, and product choice. After that are consumption, post purchase evaluation and divestment, as shown in the figure below:

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Fig No.1 Model of Consumer buying intention


Studying, why a consumer should become consumer, what he buys, mode he selects to buy, why his buying intension becomes repeated and if not then what pattern he follows all these activities which sound interesting are part of consumer intension. Although to study all these activities on need to analyze these norms on the basis of sociology, sociology, socio-psychology, psychology, anthropology and economics. Consumer intension focus on the decisions of the consumers followed to buy a product it could be taken individually or it could also come in group. To work on this idea on needs to study psychographic behavior and demographic variables. We also know that in buying a product family, peer friends, society also exerts pressure and therefore it tries to study all these aspects from these views as well Why to study this consumer intension? It’s very obvious firms do wonder if the understand the consumer buying pattern. It helps a lot in organizing our marketing strategies and also helps us to present improved product offerings. To Know them in brief let’s see the following points:

- The alternative behind buying products that refers to psychology behind picking products.
- What is the role of environment in selecting products, do they also influence buying intension.
- What is intension depicted by the consumers when they shop.
- Knowledge or information shortage in buying products.
- Also we would find the motivation behind picking up different brands and level of importance they give to these strategies.
- What could be done by marketers so that they can target their consumers more effectively and reach them?

3. Literature Review

In today’s powerful and extreme focused market circumstance survival for the fittest is the new mantra. There has been a move from the conventional idea of "Dealer's market" to the new and rising idea of "Consumer's market". The consumer is the ruler in today's specific situation. In India both the MNC's and the residential players are investigating every possibility to interface their image with their intended interest group. Organizations are focusing on universal markets for various reasons (Erdogan, 1999). There has been a radical move from the customary special blend components to another and developing Integrated Marketing Communication idea. With brands getting to be me-too as far as highlight and quality, it turned into all the more vital for promoter and their publicizing offices to decide the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of their image and impart it effectively in their advertising correspondence. The wonder of utilizing celebrity in ads is making a ton of commotion world over and in Indian setting the circumstance is the same (Poturak & Kadric 2013).

Nation like India where celebrities famous are use to be love as God however with regards to the shopping inclination of youthful consumer for a product and administration supported by a celebrity, how it impacts their conduct while shopping ? In today's situation the advertiser utilizes celebrity s not exclusively to expand the offer of the organization yet to engage them as well, so when the consumers have look on certain demonstration and publicize amid shopping they can review a similar brand and buildup for the product and administration can be high among the consumers (Edwards et al. 2009). Every one of the organizations is thinking of celebrity supports to make their product not the same as the contender's product and furthermore individuals can relate the brand/product with particular celebrity and a simple method for recollecting a specific product and making request. Diverse individuals have distinctive observation about the notices they see and like this celebrity have made a decent notoriety to the brands like many individuals see that the brands supported by celebrity are of good quality. In any case, the supposition varies from individual to individual (Boyland et al. 2013). It is imperative to recognize what affect it leaves on the shopper. Celebrity endorsement is a very viable methodology to pick up buyer premiums and mark unwaveringness in a jumbled commercial center. Another way to deal with endorser impact lies in the source engaging quality clarification. It perceives the affable, appealing, and importance installed parts of the celebrities that render them helpful figures to numerous (Branigan & Mitsis, 2014). By advancing source attraction, shoppers may relate the supported brand with positive assessments in light of their positive feelings of the celebrity. The promoting writing on endorser impacts is luxuriously multiplied, giving bits of knowledge into the remarkable quality of endorser impacts, the basic procedures, and the conditions under which endorser impacts might be fortified (Hung, 2014). The utilization of celebrity support empowers organizations to get upper hand and fortify its money related position. 25% of the American organizations get utilization of the celebrity support because of its hugeness. The match between the celebrity and the embraced product can build the adequacy of the product (Kaur & Garg, 2016). In the advancement of limited time program, it's important to receive such kind of methodology for promotion in which the Main concentration ought to be the correspondence of peculiarity and Newness of the product to shape the uplifting disposition and upgraded buy aims towards brand. There are distinctive substances which can impact the buy aims of the general population that can be a specialist, celebrity, regardless of whether an affiliation or an endorser skill the celebrity is a prominent identity who appreciates open acknowledgment and utilizations that acknowledgment keeping in mind the end goal to convince the consumers (Ahmed et al. 2014). Advertising has three main objectives; differentiating, reminding informing and persuading. Through advertising, potential buyers are informed about the availability and nature of a product. And when an existing product is being improved in any way, it has to be communicated to potential buyers (Dzisah & Ocloo, 2013). Advertisement plays a major role in every walk of life. The divergent sections of the society may need advertisement for a variety of reasons from information sharing to consumer persuasion to decision making (Balakrishnan & Kumar, 2011). Our market is flooded with different number of brands trying to carve out space for itself in the minds of consumers. Every firm is trying to find a hook in their brands that can connect faster to the viewers. Therefore, the challenge before the marketer is to induct all possible measures to influence, motivate and inculcate desire to purchase, in the consumer through an effective advertising campaign. In order to achieve this, use of celebrity for endorsement of a brand is widely used marketing strategy. Celebrity endorsement has become a pervasive element of multi billionaire advertising industry (Kaur & Garg, 2016) The advertising literature on endorser effects is richly proliferated, providing insights into the salience of endorser effects, the underlying processes, and the conditions under which endorser effects may be strengthened (Hung, 2014) The use of celebrity endorsement enables companies to get competitive advantage and strengthen its financial position. 25% of the American companies get use of the celebrity endorsement due to its significance. The match between the celebrity and the endorsed product can increase the effectiveness of the product. (Ahmed et al. 2014).

3.1 Celebrity endorsement

In Western nations, celebrity supports have constrained effect on shoppers while acquiring a product. Although, in India, the situation is somewhat unique as celebrities are practically respected here, bringing about very impactful and compelling celebrity supports. We as a whole realize that there are numerous media of promoting any product. Be that as it may, as of late celebrity marking is picking up prevalence. There are numerous notices that we see every day in our lives that have a few or the other celebrity attempting to offer a specific product, on our TVs, radio, daily papers or billboards (Chhajer et al. 2015) .A type of brand or publicizing effort that includes a notable individual utilizing his/her distinction to help advance an product or administration. It alludes to utilization of celebrities keeping in mind the end goal to build offers of a Product. Celebrity Endorsement was started mid 80's in India (Kaur and Garg, 2016). Celebrity endorsement system is the most proficient instrument of special exercises. Through this approach the vast majority of the organizations use to support their products or way of life brands in the market among their regarded consumers (Sharma &Gill, 2015).

Celebrity Support is a divert of brand correspondence in which a celebrity goes about as the brand's representative and ensures the brand's claim and position by developing his/her identity, fame, status in the general public or skill in the field to the brand. Since celebrities give off an impression of being increasing expanding impact in the public arena, advertising chiefs attempt to misuse the way toward importance exchange from an endorser to products or brands included (McCracken, 1986). Cooperative learning hypothesis subtle elements that, celebrity endorsement impact mark picture through an exchange of significance from the endorser to the brand. To impart the message about the elements of a brand, celebrity endorsement is especially normal. Organizations utilize the celebrity endorsement as an extremely compelling instrument of mindfulness about elements and one of kind properties of product and additionally advancement through which they formed the positive conduct of consumer to buy the product brand. Reliability and adequacy is the principle marker of the validity of celebrity (Ahmed et al. 2014) Correspondence exercises build up an example of network between the image of the celebrity and the image of the brand. Both substances speak to hubs in an intellectual system, whose availability can be adjusted by experience (Nyarko et al, 2015).

Using celebrity endorsement strategy in commercials impacts deals both in supreme terms and with respect to the competing brands. It has been concentrated that celebrities are best endorsers in contrast with different endorsers like 'specialists', 'organization supervisor', 'game stars' or the 'normal consumer'. Creator concentrates on the utilization of celebrity as endorsers for solid nourishment brands. Celebrity endorsers are found to effect mark mindfulness, brand picture and consumer based brand value Celebrities are individuals who appreciate open acceptance by a huge offer of a specific gathering of People. Utilizing a celebrity in promoting will probably emphatically influence buyers' image states of mind and buy aim Celebrities likewise have a capacity to exchange their picture to a particular product that is being publicized Celebrity endorser/product fit additionally influences the viability of celebrity endorsement advertisement (Mat Dom et al. 2015).


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