Leadership Style and Communication. The Example of Larry Page

Term Paper, 2016

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The success of any organization depends on the qualities of the leader, his leadership style, and the way he communicates his aims and visions to his employees. At first, it is important to distinguish a leader from a manager, because often both words will be equalized. The most important difference between a leader and a manager is the way they motivate and inspire their teams to achieve prescribed aims. If you consider a manager, you will recognize that his main tasks are organizing, planning and controlling procedures. In contrast to this, a leader sees his tasks in inspiring employees with his visions and motivating them, as much as possible. The idea behind the leadership style is to create creativity, innovation, meaningfulness and change (cf. Educational-Business-Articles, 2016).
This paper intends to show, some theoretical fundamentals about leadership and communication, which will be illustrated through my chosen example “Larry Page”. The idea of this paper is also, to connect theoretical knowledge about leadership and communication, with Larry Page´s understanding of leadership.


Leadership Style and Communication. The Example of Larry Page
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Bachelor of Arts - Beratung und Vertriebsmanagement Pascal Pfähler (Author), 2016, Leadership Style and Communication. The Example of Larry Page, Munich, GRIN Verlag, https://www.grin.com/document/378353


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Title: Leadership Style and Communication. The Example of Larry Page

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