Awareness & Acceptability of Good Day Wonderfulls Cookie in Modern Trade

Internship Report, 2017

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Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 Industry Profile
1.2 Company Profile
1.3 Executive Leadership
1.4 Various Category

Chapter 2 Research Methodology
2.1 Statement of Problem
2.2 Need & Limitation
2.3 Objective
2.4 Research Methodology

Chapter 3 Data analysis

Chapter 4 Finding,
4.1 Findings
4.2 Observation
4.3 Recommendations
4.4 Achievements
4.5 Conclusion






Any successful work is always a product of many hands coming together in co-operation and assistance. This work is no different. A number of people are responsible for accomplishment of this task, specially I want to express my gratitude to Prof. Tapas Chakraborty, Faculty, EIILM, Kolkata who has sincerely provided me with critical suggestions to complete the project in best way possible. Their guidance and suggestions were highly helpful to me.

I also express my sincere gratitude to my friends for helping me more than one way.

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Britannia is one of the major and popular brand of biscuit, cookies, diary which was established in 1892. The growth of Britannia has been tremendous and has acquired a significant amount of market share by overcoming big players in the market. Britannia is professionally managed focused on meeting the customer requirements for a large component of their spend across biscuit industry segments.

The objective of the project is to know the consumers preferences for the Britannia cookies and biscuits, to create the brand awareness as well as awareness of Good Day Wonderfulls. Satisfying our customers is an essential element to staying in business in this MODERN TRADE business of global competition. We must satisfy and even delight our customers with the value of our products and services to gain their loyalty & repeat business Customer satisfaction is therefore a primary goal of process improvement programs. One of the best ways to find out is to ask them using customer satisfaction surveys. These surveys can provide management with the information they need to determine their customer’s level of satisfaction with their products and with the services associated with those products.

This project report clearly mentions objective of the study and the research methodology utilized. The report contains a detailed view of tasks , which have been undertaken to analyze the market of Britannia. Various sets of questionnaire have been prepared to know the preferences of consumers about the Britannia biscuits & cookies. The research areas were Kolkata.

Types of questions used closed ended, multiple choice. Convenience method is used for sampling. In this study I found that most of the consumers prefer Britannia as their 1st preference .Based on the responses , the data is graphically represented, analyzed and interpreted and based on these, the findings, recommendations and conclusions are stated.


3.1 Showing Average Footfall and Responses

3.2 Showing Home distance from Big Bazar

3.3 Showing Occupation Distribution Pattern

3.4 Showing Frequency of Visiting

3.5 Showing Biscuit Variant Preference of Different Age Group(1st Preference)

3.6 Showing Biscuit Variant Preference of Different Age Group(2nd Preference)

3.7 Showing Family Pattern

3.8 Showing Brand Preference

3.9 Showing Category Preference

3.10 Showing Frequency of Buying Cookie

3.11 Showing Purpose of Buying Cookie

3.12 Showing Cookie Purchasing Factor

3.13 Showing Good Day Wonderfulls Awareness

3.14 Showing Conversion and Acquisition



India Biscuits Industry is the largest among all the food industries. India is known to be the second largest manufacturer of biscuits, the first being USA. It is classified under two sectors: organized and unorganized. The size of the biscuit industry is estimated to be about 1.95 million tonnes valued at Rs. 68.6 billion of which organized sector produces about 57% of branded biscuits in volume terms and 64% in value terms. It has turnover of around Rs.3000 crore.

In biscuit category we have three very large players Britannia, Parle & Sunfeast. Besides ,there are about 50 medium players and about 2500 small scale units. In the unorganized sectors we have over 30000 small, very small and tiny units spread all over the country. Our bakery industry thus is quite big in that sense. Biscuit industry was also reserved for small scale earlier. It has de-reserved in 1997-98.Since then the industry is growing at a rate of over 10 percent .Post de-reservation many local and regional players have started producing for Britannia or Parle as franchised units.

India biscuit industry came into limelight and gaining a sound status in the bakery industry in the later part of 20th century when the urbanized society called for ready made food products at a tenable cost. Biscuits were assumed as sick-man’s diet in earlier days. Now, it has become one of the most loved fast food product for every age group. Biscuits are easy to carry, tasty to eat, cholesterol free and reasonable at cost. States that have the larger intake of biscuits are Maharashtra, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh.

The production capacity of wafer biscuits is 60 MT and the cost is Rs.56,78,400 with a motive power of 25 K.W. Indian biscuit industry has occupied around 55-60 percent of the entire bakery production. Few years back large scale bakery manufacturers like Cadbury, Nestle and Brooke bond tried to trade in biscuit industry but couldn’t hit the market because of the local companies that produced only biscuits.


The company was Incorporated on 21st March, as public limited company under the Indian Companies Act, VII of 1913.The company obtained a priority certificate and imported new machinery thereby becoming the first biscuit company in India to install and run a gas oven plant. In 1924 a new factory was established in Mumbai. In the same year the company became a subsidiary of Peek, Frean and Co. Ltd, U.K. In 1952 The Kolkata factory was shifted from Dum Dum to spacious grounds at Taratola Road in the suburbs of Kolkata. During the same year automatic plants were installed there and later in Mumbai in 1954.Manufacturing of bread was started in Mumbai and a new bread bakery was set up at Delhi in 1965.

Britannia Industries Limited is a food company, which is engaged in the manufacture of biscuits, cakes and rusks. The company operates through the Food segments ,which comprises bakery and diary products. The company’s product brands under biscuits and cookies category include Good Day, Crackers ,Nutri Choice, Marie Gold,Tiger, Milk Bikis ,Jim Jam, Treat, Bourbon, Little Hearts, Pure Magic and Nice Time. Its products under diary category include Cheese, Fresh Diary .Its products under cakes category include Bar Cakes, Veg Cakes ,Chunk Cake, Nut & Raisin Romance and Mufills. Its product under rusk category includes premium Bake. The products of the company are exported across the world, which include Gulf Cooperation Council Countries(GCC) , African Countries and American Countries. Its subsidiaries include Manna Foods Private Ltd and International Bakery Products Limited.

Company has following VISION and MISSION for their stockholder ,stakeholder and towards their customers.


Sustain Britannia’s position as one of the India’s most valuable corporations through world class performance, creating growing value for the Indian economy and the company’s stakeholders


To enhance the wealth generating capability of the enterprise in a globalising environment, delivering superior and sustainable stakeholder value.


“Eat Healthy, Think Better”


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In 2011 Britannia received the most respected company award from business world.

IMC Ramakrishna Bajaj National Quality Award 2011 was awarded to Britannia Industries Ltd.

The Modern Trade team of Britannia was honoured with Winner Best Bakery Supplier award for the year 2011-12 at the 1st Spencer’s Best supplier Awards 2012 on22nd June.

Britannia was awarded the Global Performance Excellence Award(GPEA) by Asia Pacific Quality Organization(APQO)

Britannia Industries Ltd.-Kolkata was selected as the winner of the GOLDEN PEACOCK NATIONAL QUALITY AWARD for the year 2012.


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Source: Internet



I have conducted this research to understand the consumers awareness about Britannia Biscuits & Cookies with special focus on Good Day Wonderfulls


Customers are viewed as a group whose satisfaction with the enterprise must be incorporated in strategic planning efforts. Evidence is mounting that placing a high priority on consumer preference is critical to improved organizational performance in a global marketplace.

With better understanding of customers’ perceptions, companies can determine the actions required to meet the customers’ needs.


There were some limitations for completing this project successfully.

Some of them are mentioned as under:

- The study was conducted at Big Bazar in Kolkata
- The study was conducted with certain assumptions that the respondents had provided the true information.
- Due to limited number of respondents, the authenticity of the conclusions drawn based on the observations made cannot be ensured


- To arrange Facing of products
- To identify category preference for cookies
- Establish brand preference of cookies
- Acquisition & conversion to Good Day Wonderfulls cookies


Type of research:

Descriptive research design has been used for the purpose of the study.

Sampling technique:

Descriptive Research involves Non-Probability sampling. Thus here the technique used is non-probability sampling where a little attempt is made to generate a representative sample. In non-probability sampling ,the probability of selecting population elements is unknown.

Sampling method:

The method used is convenience sampling. This is the easiest and cheapest method to conduct hence, the “convenience”.

Sample size:

The study covered of 160 respondents belonging to the city of KOLKATA in the age group of 15-65 years. The respondents were chosen from VIP road Big Bazar who were selected irrespective of the brand they purchased between 12pm to 7pm

Research Instrument:

The technique that is used for data collection is questionnaire. A questionnaire is a research instrument consisting of a series of questions and other prompts for the purpose of gathering information from respondents. For our case it is designed as closed ended format.

Data collection:

Primary data is collected using methods such as interviews and questions asked to customers

Sampling Frame:

No sampling frame design is possible for our research study as population is unknown to us.


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