Strategic Quality & Systems Management

Understanding the role of operations management, the importance of managing quality, planning a strategic quality change

Research Paper (postgraduate), 2013

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Table of Contents



1.0 The Role of Operations management in an Organization
1.1 The importance of effective operations management in achieving organizational objectives
1.2 Evaluating the success of existing operations management process management

2.0: The Importance of Managing Quality McDonald’s UK
2.1 Explaining the importance of effective quality management in achieving organizational objectives
2.2 Evaluating the success of existing operations management processes management

3.0: To plan a Strategic Quality Change in McDonald’s UK
3.1 Planning a strategic quality change to improve organizational performance
3.2 Defining resources, tools and systems to support business processes in a strategic quality change
3.3 Evaluating wider implications of planned strategic quality change

4.0 To implement a Strategic Quality Change in an Organization
4.1 Implementing a strategic quality change in McDonald’s
4.2 Embedding a quality culture in McDonald’s to ensure continuous monitoring and development

5.0 To evaluate the Outcomes of a Strategic Quality Change in McDonald’s
5.1 Evaluating the outcomes of a strategic quality change in an organization
5.2 Recommended areas for improvement


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The purpose of strategic management is to drive the business organization efficiently and effectively towards its goals and objectives. Operations management is an important area of strategic management which guides the quality performance of a company. In this assignment McDonald’s, UK has chosen as the case study for analyzing five different tasks. This tasks includes understanding the role of operations management, understanding the importance of managing quality, planning a strategic quality change in McDonald’s, UK, being able to implement a strategic quality change in McDonald’s, evaluating the outcomes of a strategic quality change.


Operations management is very important in the context of a Business organization. It coordinates the activities of all the factors of production. The factors of production are labor, land, capital, technology, equipment etc. So the purpose of this report is to describe the operations management and its role in a given organization. Every organization has its own operations management process. So, here the effectiveness of existing operations management will be evaluated through the evaluation of the operations management of an existing business organization.

The organization chosen for the purpose of the assignment is McDonald's, UK. It is a chain fast-food company and is considered as the world’s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurant. It serves around 68 million customers daily in 119 countries. McDonald's has 1,200 restaurants in the UK and it employed around 87500 employees, they are committed to work together and to deliver high quality food. It emphasizes highly on the need and trust of the customer. So, managing quality is a major concern in this organization to achieve its strategic goals and objectives. Effectiveness of the quality management is very much related to the achievement of the strategic goals and objectives.

To keep pace with the current trends, it may require changing the quality program in any organization to improve the organizational performance. To implement this change program, McDonalds may need different tools and resources. Again, regular monitoring is necessary to assess the success of the quality program. Again a quality culture is necessary to be created in any organization to make the employees and others aware about the position of the organization about quality control. At the end, all these things will help an organization to achieve customer satisfaction and ultimately the objective of the organization.

All the data used in this report as secondary data. Different publicly available sources are used to collect those data. These sources include previous studies, online websites and books. No numerical analysis has been made in this study; only descriptive analysis has been conducted.

1.0 The Role of Operations management in an Organization

The Role of operations management is a key area of strategic management. In Task 1, a

clear understanding needs to be made regarding the Role and importance of operations management. There are two different segment of this task. These separate segments of task 1 have discussed below with the special reference to the case of McDonald’s (UK).

1.1 The importance of effective operations management in achieving organizational objectives

Operations management is a particular division of management that includes the task of designing, overseeing and controlling the production process and restructuring the operations of business in the manufacturing of goods & services, (Karajewski et al. 2010). It actually refers to the responsibility that ensures the efficient operation of business in case of meeting requirements of the customers. On the other hand, it also ensures the efficient business operation in terms of utilizing minimum resources that is required for its operation. In fact, operations management deals with controlling and managing the process that transforms inputs such as labor, materials and energy into outputs like goods & services. In addition to that, the relationship between the line officers and the top-level officers (senior officers) in military forces can be compared with the relationship between the operations management and the senior management in business organizations, (Coughlan & Coghlan 2002).

In today’s business context, the necessity for practicing operations management cannot be ignored in order to be able to generate professional managers who have the capability of maintaining strategic roles of the company and the government organizations, (Schroeder 1993). Ever since operations management structures the core of the business organization by way of managing and controlling the operation process, it becomes exceptionally important for the business operations. The main tasks of operations management are designing, operating, and improving the system of process that generates and distributes a company’s key products & services, (Stuart 2002). In fact, operations management is a functional field of business just like finance and marketing which has clear management responsibilities, (Voss, Tsikriktsis & Frohlich 2002). In this study, the selected UK Company McDonald’s limited is a company which known as the largest chain of fast food restaurants in the world.

1.2 Evaluating the success of existing operations management process management

In a business entity like McDonald’s UK, the application of operations management is very much important for each and every activity of the company. McDonalds is effectively utilizing operations management in order to ensure and maintain the efficiency and effectiveness in the company process. McDonald’s efficiency deals with the issue that how well the resources like human resources and raw materials are put in use. But this process should be made irrespective of the purpose for which they were put in the use in the company, ( 2012). The company ensures that the key objective of the company is to generate profits and the maximization of the shareholders’ value is effectively recognized through the activities of the company. On the other hand, McDonald’s decreases its cost of production by way of guaranteeing that both tangible and intangible resources are not wasted in the business operation. In these circumstances, the company effectively fulfills its objectives in order to be the market leader by means of utilizing minimum resources so that the maximum output can be achieved.

The evaluations of efficiency and effectiveness in McDonald’s UK Ltd result in higher labor productivity, utilization of capacity fill working capital and ultimately efficiency in the systems of production. McDonald’s UK limited also ensures the best use of its products and services management by means of operations management. Product management (or service management) consists of a broad range of management activities varying from time to time. It is true that a new idea for a product or service ultimately provides support to customer who has bought the new product or service. Whether it is done intentionally or unintentionally, every business entity conducts product management. With the help of this system, McDonald’s UK limited gives a broader overview of considerations in the management and development of its products. The nature of the company and its products determines how a product will be managed and developed.


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Strategic Quality & Systems Management
Understanding the role of operations management, the importance of managing quality, planning a strategic quality change
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