The Divine Matrix by Gregg Braden. A Critical Book Analysis

Term Paper (Advanced seminar), 2016

24 Pages, Grade: A



I. Introduction

II. The Connection between Everything within the Matrix

III. The Origins of the Universe

IV. Bilocation

V. The power of imagination

VI. Conclusion


Connection of everything within the Matrix, origins of the universe, bilocation and the power of imagination

I. Introduction

In his book, Braden is referring to the universal field of energy, that the father of quantum physics, Max Planck – a German theoretical physicist whose work on quantum theory won him the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918 – , describes as a field that connects everything. He calls that field of energy the Divine Matrix. Now, what is the Divine Matrix? According to the author, the Matrix is a universal energy that affects our reality; he uses quantum physics to explain it. Braden (2007, p. 52) mentioned that the Divine Matrix is everywhere at all time and that it is also the mind of the universe. Besides, the following book’s review will help us understand how the Matrix works in our everyday life. Equally important, before the reading of this book, I would experience the kind of things that I somewhat thought to be the unique person on this planet to ever experience. Most importantly, I was incapable of explaining them. It is true that I would as well question people around me if they ever experienced some of them. The answer was “yes”. But for the other experiences I did not even dare to ask someone else. The very purpose of this dissertation is to discuss some of the topics Braden tackles in his book. Because he talks about many themes, nevertheless I have selected those I thought to actually be highly relevant. Accordingly, I will discuss four (04) subjects: the connection which exists between everything within the Matrix; the origins of the universe is also another discussion of my dissertation. In addition to that, I shall debate bilocation and the power of imagination. On the latter, Braden (2007, p. 55) talks about the bridge between imagination and reality. Why do I term it as “power of imagination”? Because the author even if he does not use the expression “power”, conversely demonstrates that imagination in fact has a power. By utilizing the term “bridge”, he means imagination is not far from reality given that as human beings and being part of the Divine Matrix, we ourselves can create our own reality. The four above issues will be discussed in details.

II. The Connection between Everything within the Matrix

According to Braden (2007, p. 25) in key 2, everything in our world is connected to everything else. For the author, we are all connected one another, connection exists between us and the world around us. In the same way, the author goes further in saying that new discoveries suggest that we can now use that connection consciously. It implies that we can now be aware that it is not only about knowing that connection exists but that we can create that connection when we want it. It apparently proves that we have a power we were not conscious of: that power of connecting to the world anytime we want.

Accordingly, Braden (2007, p. 26) points out that there is only one problem, our power to use that connection is determined by our ability to prevent it from sleeping and to wake it up. The author gives the answer right the way. He supports that awakening the power of connection must stick to the way we see ourselves in the world, we have to change our paradigms. Therefore, the key is to see ourselves differently in our day-to-day life, in viewing ourselves as part of the world instead of seeing us as separate from it. Braden says that by changing our paradigms in convincing ourselves that we are truly one with everything surrounding us and that we experience is to know how we are connected and what that connection brings about.

With this in mind, we can see that the author sustains his statements with the new discoveries of science. As for him, there is a scientific evidence of that connection which exists between everything within the Matrix. I would like to question the nature of that power of connection. From what I perceive in the book, that connection is spiritual, if not mystical. And this is pretty normal because we are spiritual beings. And I believe that when Braden talks about “such an awesome power” it is because he knows that the power of that connection is possibly mystical.

I think that the author is right when he says that connection exists. Actually, I would like to say that Braden has opened my eyes. I have been very theoretical so far. Let me be pragmatic. First and foremost I would like to draw your attention on the fact that the power of connection the author discusses can manifest in some cases as a kind of communication that exists between every human beings, nature and the entirety of the universe. As an illustration of what I mean I shall share a short story with you.

I have an aunty (my uncle’s widow) with whom I really get on. On June 16, 2016 at 5 P.M. I thought about her for about one minute and thirty seconds. At the same time, I was reading the book, The Devine Matrix, nearly ending the book, guess what happened. She called me! I told her, “Oh my God I have just thought about you aunty” and guess what. She told me that she also thought about me at the very moment she called me. Then we continued our phone talk. I tried to figure out what had just happened. Afterwards, I remembered the book I was reading, particularly the part of the connection I am discussing with you. I came to realize that me and my aunty were in connection (communication) spiritually. Our minds were communicating mystically. And I admit that it was not the first time that such a thing ever occurred to me. The point is I did not know what that experience was before I read Braden’s book.

Let me insist on Braden’s statement, that is our capacity to establish connection if we want. I think it is possible although it looks like science fiction. At the very time I decided to think seriously about my aunt, I immediately created connection with her. In effect, as I said above, she confessed to have thought about me right at the same moment. Conclusion: I succeeded to start communication (spiritually) with her, although unintentionally at the time. The statement of Braden is truthful to my point of view, especially when Braden (2007, p. 27) declares that connection within the Matrix goes far beyond what we see in our lives today (my connection experience with my aunty), it has to do as well with everything we have ever seen and also with things that have not materialized yet.

Here again, I would like to share another experience and remind my reader that as I have already mentioned, before I read the book I could not even share such experiences with people as much as I thought that I was the only individual who ever experienced them. Let’s focus on the connection of things which have not yet occurred. Many, many, many times I might have found myself with some friends drinking, or eating or simply talking at a friend’s place, or in a bar or whatever, and had the feeling that I had already been to that place.

What I mean is that the kinds of conversations we shared at that very moment seem to be the conversations I had already shared with them while I had never been to that place neither my friends. At the time I would experience such a thing, I would try to find out what was happening. Because I had the firm belief that me and my friends had already been there (physically) and been witnesses of the event, but in reality we never went to that place before. Today I have the answers thanks to author’s book. I admit that I have already started sharing my experience with my fiancé, family, and friends. They as well recognized that they have experienced the same things hundreds of times in their lives.

Equally important, Braden (2007, p. 107) talks about another kind of connection, that is resonance – a type of physical or spiritual connection that conveys a message –. It is about the kind of connection we can have with our animals, cars, trees etc. He says that he had a car that had more than 300,000 miles on the original engine by the time he sold it in 1995. When he would lend the car to somebody, the car would not run. When he would take the car to the mechanic to see what was wrong, the problem will mysteriously disappear. The experience would repeat many times, but as soon as he would take back his vehicle the car would automatically start running again. The author could not explain how was that possible. Obviously, there was a communication between his car and him. It seems that the connection was both spiritual and physical.

Furthermore, Braden (2007, p.108) through key 17: the Divine Matrix serves as the mirror in our world of the relationship that we create in our beliefs, indicates that whether we acknowledge the existence of resonant connection with the reality that surrounds us or not, it exists through the Divine Matrix. Regarding that resonance, Braden (2007, p. 109) shares us an experience. One day his mother was worried about her dog Corey. The dog was not feeling good, she did not eat anymore. When they took her to the hospital they discovered that she had white spots on her lungs. The doctor said he had never seen anything of the kind.

Braden was worried about his mother and tried to convince her about many case studies where animals carried their keeper’s health conditions long before the symptoms physically appeared in the body of their owners. He subsequently thought that it was exactly what was happening to his mother. Her mother finally accepted to go for an examination. She was amazed to discover that the analysis revealed the appearance of a white spot on her lung. Three weeks later they practiced surgery on her and they totally removed the lower third of her right lung. The doctor told Braden that his mother was very lucky because she came for the checkup in so much as there were no obvious symptoms to show signs of the tumor on her lung. Before the surgery, his mother was feeling fine, no signs of illness. What is incredible is that the white spots on his mother’s dog (Corey) disappeared after the operation.

Truly, the author tries to figure out that the Divine Matrix can send us a message of warning, Braden (2007, p.108); for this reason we have to be very careful to see what that message is. His mother’s case story is very fascinating because although it shows that there is a connection between his mother and Corey, the dog’s condition also conveyed a message that had to be considered seriously. I want to point out that the connection existing between the two is what saved Braden’s mother from a cancer. The good news is that the message the Matrix was conveying through the dog was a warning of the mirror of reality, that is the fact that Braden’s mother was going to suffer a cancer.

More importantly, Braden caught the message from the Matrix accordingly he insisted in convincing his mother about being examined (chest X-Ray). With this in mind, the book is very amazing as it shows that the Matrix can send us a message, a message that is conveyed thanks to the connection existing between us and our animals, cars, trees, or whatsoever. That connection appears to be necessary as it can help us to avoid some danger and sometimes to save our lives as in the case of Braden’s mother.

This first part of our dissertation was about the connection existing between everything within the Matrix, some connection I could not explain before because I did not have the tools for that. Right now, I would like to deal with the second theme of my essay, that is the many questions we have about how our universe originated.

III. The Origins of the Universe

To begin with, I shall say that this issue is one the most controversial debates in the scientific, religious and spiritual communities. Braden (2007, p.38) mentioned that the scientific community thinks that our cosmos started between 13 and 20 billion years ago because of a massive explosion, that had never occurred before and that we have never witnessed. It is truthfully admitted that there are conflicting views on that matter, but one thing is sure according to scientists, the world began with a massive explosion, that is to say a release of a powerful energy.

The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) conducted a study about that matter, developed in the book Science and Creationism. NAS (1999, p. 3) states that at the end of the years 1920s, the US astronomer Edwin Hubble – an American astronomer who played a crucial role in establishing the field of extragalactic astronomy and is generally regarded as one of the most important observational cosmologists of the 20th century – carried out a very interesting work about the origin of the cosmos. According to the author, the cosmos is expanding. His hypothesis held that as the universe expands, the deduction is that the cosmos was compacted long time ago. From that perspective, he concluded that the presently observable energy in the cosmos was compacted in a very small and extremely hot mass. A huge explosion took place as a result of that concentration of energy that propelled energy in all part of the space.

Likewise that huge explosion is mentioned by Braden (2007, p. 38). He indicates that astronomer Fred Hoyle called that explosion the “big bang”. Now let us examine what NAS (1999, p. 7) says about the creationist views of the origins of the universe, earth and life. The NAS specifies that many religious people, even many scientists, advocate that God created the universe and a lot of processes with regard to the evolution of biology and physics. Those processes subsequently created galaxies, our solar system and life on Earth. This theory as in the big bang has a name: theistic evolution – or evolutionary creationism are views that regard religious teachings about God as compatible with modern scientific understanding about biological evolution –.

The NAS continued explaining that according to that theory, there is no contradiction with the scientific description of evolution. In fact, it goes on the same line with the incredible and inspirational character of the physical cosmos shown by cosmology, molecular and a lot of other scientific disciplines. The supporters of science creation – or scientific creationism is a branch of creationism that attempts to provide scientific support for the creation myth in the book of Genesis and disprove or reinterpret the scientific facts, theories and scientific paradigms about geology, cosmology, biological evolution, archelogy and history – have a multiple views on the origins of the universe. The first category states that the Earth and the Universe are somewhat young, probably 6,000 to 10,000 years old. These thinkers habitually hold that the present physical form of the Earth is due to catastrophism –, the idea that the Earth’s surface had been scarred by catastrophic natural disasters –, that is a global flood, and that all living beings on the Earth were created as by miracle, especially the form we now see them. The second category of science creation are disposed to support that the Earth, planets and the stars might have existed for millions of years. Meanwhile, they argue that the many types of organisms, particularly human beings, could uniquely come to existence with supernatural intervention, given that they show intelligent design – refers to a scientific research program as well as a community of scientists, philosophers and other scholars who seek evidence of design in nature –.

As I have just said at the beginning of this section, dealing with the subject of the origins of the universe can prove to be very controversial. However, it is also a very amazing topic. From what Braden developed and from what I found in my research it seems that we have basically two specific theories regarding the origins of the cosmos. The first one is the big bang theory and the second one is that of creationism. Most important, it appears that there is a lot of doubts about the big bang theory, as Braden (2007, p.52) says in his book, nobody was here when the universe originated to tell us what was present before. In my research I did not see the big bang theory referring to how we humans, trees, oceans, animals, ocean’s animals were created or came to existence. I believe that we came to existence thanks to a higher intelligence; Braden calls it the Divine Matrix. Braden admits in his book that there are a lot of things about the Matrix that have no scientific evidence, however we can experience them.


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