Functions and responsibilities of human resources department of Atos Global and Hewlett Packard

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Literature review

Atos Global and Hewlett Packard. Description of both companies

Functions of the Human resources management team in Atos Global and Hewlett Packard. Comparison and contrast

Conclusions and recommendations



Every organization recruits personnel, motivates it for work, pay for the labor and implies efforts in training it. Therefore, personnel management includes mechanisms and approaches for the management of people working in an organization. What is more the most important resource of an organization is the staff, working there; and its efficient management is the basis for obtaining good results. Of course, this is only possible when policies and procedures related to the staff are closely connected and contribute to the utmost to achieve the corporate objectives of the organization and the implementation of its strategic plans.

However, in order to work effectively every organization needs resources among which fall its employees; actually this is regarded as one of the most precious assets (Bridger, 2014). Their skillful management requires a range of competencies leading to the effective execution of the processes of recruitment and selection, motivation, evaluation, compensation and training. In the present report, I will take into account that kind of function of the human resources departments of “Atos Global” and Hewlett Packard.

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According to most of the authors that have written on the subject human resources management “includes all the activities that must be carried out within its framework, the relations between them, their interaction between the environment and the way of their functioning in order to realize the potential of the organization” (Banfield,2012; Boxall, 2015; Bridger, 2014).

Being elements in the system of the human resources management they identify all the activities that must be carried out within its framework: analysis and design of the vacancies available, human resource planning, recruitment, training and assessment of staff, salaries, providing safe and healthy working conditions, improvement of labor conditions and in fact, many more.

However, a lot more can be said and written on the subject. With this paper, I hope to make human resources management department in both organizations re-think and re-shape their policy as a whole.

Literature review

Gilmore (2012) and Gold (2013) determine the following as a part of the human resources management in the organization: division and cooperation of labor, forms of work organization, working methods, modes of work, discipline, skill levels, material and spiritual incentives. In his work “Human resources management in context” Fahrnbarn (2015) considers human resources management as a system of elements and connections between them, the functioning of which is created in order to implement the objectives of the organization.

The human resource management can be defined as a system of principles, methods, means, norms, rules, criteria, requirements, standards, policies, procedures, plans and programs of formation and usage of human resources in the organization in accordance with its immediate interests and strategic objectives. It can also be seen as an activity resulting from the strategic goals of the organization. Human resources management activity is carried out at all levels in the organization (Armstrong, 2014).

Atos Global and Hewlett Packard. Description of both companies

Represented in Bulgaria, as well as in many other countries, Atos Global is a world leader in digital services. The company provides consulting and systems integration services, managed services & BPO, cloud operations, big data & cyber-security solutions, as well as transactional services through worldline, the European leader in the payments and transactional services industry. With its deep technology expertise and industry knowledge, the group works with clients across different business sectors: defense, financial Services, health, manufacturing, media, utilities, public sector, retail, telecommunications, and transportation. (Atos, 2018).

As far as Hewlett Packard is concerned, it can be said that it is one of the world’s iconic tech companies, creating new possibilities for technology to have a meaningful impact on people, businesses, governments, and society. The company provides solutions which enable companies to mobilize their business; mine all their data for insights, on an open, agile cloud; all this securely. It aims at making the complex, simple.

Additionally, the company focuses on delivering speed, simplicity, efficiency and agility so that customers can realize their preferred business outcomes across architectures and in ways that suit their engineering requirements and budgets. Its key areas include:

- Infrastructure – Building on the product innovations of the past year, like its Helion Cloud portfolio, Apollo water-cooled super computers, and OneView, the best converged infrastructure tool on the market.
- Services – Continuing to lead in Virtual Private Cloud and growing our Strategic Enterprise Services, including cloud, enterprise security, analytics and data management, and app modernization.
- Software – Continuing to develop the critical tools that reveal hidden insights and drive business outcomes at incredible speed and scale (, 2018).

Apart from leading the market in enterprise infrastructure, software and services, the company offers great and impactful initiatives for our employees and for society, from wellness, through diversity and inclusion, to amazing university hiring experiences, and much more. As such both companies have very powerful human resources management departments, implying lots of functions most of which I am going to describe in the lines below.

Functions of the Human resources management team in Atos Global and Hewlett Packard. Comparison and contrast

Basically, the functions of Atos Group HR management team could be presented in the following manner:

- Arranging the need of human resources for the company in general;
- Design of the HR job;
- Personnel movement;
- Personnel evaluation;
- Personnel development;
- Salary;
- Health and safety working conditions;
- Industrial relations and many more.

Moreover, the HR management team also formulate contracts, supplementary agreements, orders for wage growth, release orders and many more. However, one of the most crucial functions of the HR management team of Atos Group is filtering the content of job vacancies, defying the rights, duties and major obligations of the officials. The function that is going to be compared and contrasted in both organizations is the evaluation of the staff and the performed by it activities . Hence, it is obvious and evident that it is being performed differently in both the organizations, however, in its core it resembles the assessment of the staff career and depending on the nature of the organization various systems and methods for the assessment are being used.

In assessing its staff performance Atos Global uses a multi-step process. First, the employee’s performance agreement is being reviewed and compared with his/her performance indicators and standards. Second, an assessment of whether or not the employees have succeeded in their performance expectations and to what extent is made. Finally, the results of the discussion need to support the rating being assigned to the employees. In accordance with that comments and recommendations are made (Atos, 2018). In contrast to Hewlett Packard, in Atos the supervisor provides the employee with a copy of three documents – a self-assessment form, performance plan and current job profile. Additionally, the supervisor cannot rely only on his or her judgement in regard to the employee’s performance (Atos, 2018).

In Hewlett Packard, a company also dealing with digital technologies, the Human Resources department gives the employees an advance notice. This is usually done, because preparation is required. By doing so, the company allows the employee to review the Performance plan, the Job profile, and to complete and submit the Self-Assessment form. Actually, this is one of the differences that make the human resources management policy of Hewlett Packard more liberal than the one of Atos Global. Actually, once the examiner has gathered the information needed he compares the employee’s actual performance to the performance standards determined at the beginning of the performance assessment period (, 2018).

The examiners at Hewlett Packard often ask themselves the following questions:

- Am I considering the employee’s performance for the entire period?
- What kind of performance standards did the employee meet or most probably exceed? What are his strengths and weaknesses and am I objectively reviewing them?
- What kind of factors may have affected the employee’s performance? Is he/she totally devoted to his work, how is he/she coping with the challenges and difficulties? How is he/she perceived by his/her colleagues?
- Have I in my role of examiner been fair and objective?

The supervisor at Hewlett Packard criticizes the employee’s performance, not the employee personally. Of course, it is necessary for the examiners in both companies to minimize their roles of judges and to check for barriers or constraints to performance. In fact, most of the emphasis of the comments of both the supervisors is placed on the future rather than it is focused as a criticism for the past. The value of their comments focuses on the recommendations and improvement for learning for the future.

Therefore, it is more than evident that both supervisors focus on the overall performance of the employees, rather than on isolated incidents.

Of course, there are other differences as well; the examiner at Hewlett-Packard asks the employee to complete the Self-Assessment form. Its purpose is to actively engage him in the assessment process and to provide him/her with the chance to get an insight of how the assessment process works. During the assessment procedure there should be no surprises and the discussion about his/her performance should be the first time an employee hears about the supervisors concerns.


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Functions and responsibilities of human resources department of Atos Global and Hewlett Packard
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