Planning an Incentive at Gleneagles Hotel

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0 Introduction

1 Venue
1.1 Location
1.2 Type of venue

2 Event programme
2.1 Day programme
2.2 Evening programme
2.3 Morning after programme

3 Additional facilities

4 Costing

5 Marketing

6 Conclusion
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7 Appendixes

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Table of Figures

Figure 1.1: Location of Gleneagles® Hotel

Figure 1.2: Entrance of Gleneagles® Hotel

Figure 2.1: Event Programme

Figure 4.1: Estimated cost calculation

0 Introduction

Basically, this report is about planning an incentive for 25 employees of a company situated in Edinburgh which wants to reward their employees for their good work and sales achievements.

The event will last one day and include a fine dining experience as well as an entertainment event afterwards. Furthermore, there is also an overnight stay included and because the incentive will take place at a weekend the company invites also the partners of the 25 employees which mean the maximum number of participants will not exceed 45 (plus the CEO and the manager of the sales department) because not each employee has a partner.

The event will take place in Perthshire, Central Scotland which is about an hour away from Edinburgh and easy to access. However, the company will hire a coach for the participants which is offered by the venue itself.

Massey (2000) states that “common sense is the most important quality for conference and incentive organisers” which should be considered by addressing the five W’s of event planning: à Why the event is hold?

- When the event takes place?
- What are the objectives?
- Who is invited?
- Where the event is located?

Therefore, there will be a closer look at several aspects such as the venue, the event programme, additional facilities, a cost analysis and the marketing of the event.

At the end of that paper there will be a justification of why the event planned is appropriate for the event selected.

1 Venue

1.1 Location

Basically, location is as important as the venue itself because there are several aspects such as accessibility, accommodation, transport or infrastructure which have to be considered by choosing the right one. For this event the location was limited to Central Scotland which consequently limits also the range of venues appropriate for this corporate event.

Due to the fact that “…location always makes a difference…” (Pemble 2000) Perthshire is chosen for this event because “it is a perfect recipe for innovative social and partner programmes and the most inspiring incentives; a rich blend of attributes that appeal to conference delegates and organisers alike - and makes Perthshire truly 'all of Scotland'.” (VisitScotland Perthshire 2005) Perthshire is also well known for its environmental qualities such as clear air, pure waters, and lush countryside contrasting with Highland magnificence which points out that “…diversity is also a selling point”.(Chester 1999)

Furthermore, this location is very accessible for the client because it is approximately just one hour from Edinburgh and easy to reach due to the good infrastructure provided in that region. Perthshire is the perfect location for an incentive to spoil the client’s employees.

1.2 Type of venue

A further main aspect in planning a conference or an event is the venue itself. There are different kinds of venues, each appropriate for a different occasion of event. Mainly, there are usual venues such as purpose-built facilities or academic facilities and unusual venues such as castles, museums, theatres or country houses. The latter is chosen for this event because for providing incentives customers “are seeking that little bit different” (Hargreaves 2000 as cited by Pemble 2000) which mostly cannot be provided by a purpose-built venue or an academic venue. Greaves (2000) states that “often there is less pressure than an office environment, leaving guests to focus better on the content of the programme”.

That little bit difference can be found at Gleneagles® Hotel which is situated between the cities Perth and Stirling on the A9 in the heart of Perthshire (Figure 1.1).

illustration not visible in this excerpt

Figure 1.2: Entrance of Gleneagles® Hotel

illustration not visible in this excerpt

Figure 1.1: Location of Gleneagles® Hotel

Gleneagles® Hotel (Figure1.2) is a Five Red Star golf resort surrounded by 850 acres of magnificent countryside. Existing for over 80 years it is nowadays recognised as one of the top UK conference Hotels. The G8 summit for example will be held this summer at the Gleneagles® Hotel.

The venue provides a choice of different function rooms which are all adaptable for many purposes such as exhibitions, conferences as well as corporate entertaining. Due to the fact that this is not only a conference centre the venue provides also accommodation on-site through several rooms and suites available which is important for the client because the event includes an overnight stay at the venue. Normally, “country house Hotels compensate for their lack of size by offering organisers distinctive styles and settings” (Greaves 2000) but Gleneagles® can provide different sizes as well as styles and settings.

Another important aspect in choosing this venue is the dinner which can be provided directly by the Hotel itself so that there is no additional catering necessary. The client can choose from a variety of menus. The menu for the event is shown in appendix 1 which then will be catered to all delegates or participants.

Furthermore, Gleneagles® also provides entertainment in association with Prompt Events which follows in this case the fine dining experience. The client has again a variety of choice from soloists or Scottish traditional bands as well as non-musical entertainment such as magician, casino or a cabaret show.

Due to the fact that Gleneagles® Hotel can provide conference facilities, accommodation, dinner as well as the entertainment altogether the venue is the perfect choice for this corporate event.

2 Event programme

The occasion of this corporate event is to reward the employees of the client’s company for their work and sales achievements. That will be followed by a fine dining experience and a fun event. Additionally, the company arranged an overnight stay for all participants. Due to the fact that 25 employees are eligible for this is a corporate event who can be accompanied by their spouses and husbands the number will not exceed more than 47 participants.


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Basically, this report is about planning an incentive for 25 employees of a company situated in Edinburgh which wants to reward their employees for their good work and sales achievements. This event will take place at Gleneagles Hotel.
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