Revolution without ammunition. Pathways towards Nigerian second independence, Part 3

Polemic Paper, 2019

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1. Internal election and the endorsement of a Presidential candidate

2. BEWARE! Nigerian Politicians now pay voters with ritual money on election day

3. Buhari must respect court orders. Release Ibrahim Zakzaky

and Sambo Dasuki now

4. Majority of Nigerian politicians are the enemies of progress

5. Nigeria Soldiers and Police officers must stop behaving like zombies

6. Christians and Pastors are the greatest problems in Nigeria today

7. Our Sister Joy Terna needs urgent help

8. Mahmood Yakubu: Is INEC intentionally hiding Voters’ cards?

9. President’Jubril’ of Nigeria and Omoyele Sowore must deba

10. Letter to the European Union.

11. Nigerians abroad reject Amina Zakari as Head for the collation of the 2019 election

12. Wike and Amaechi must stop the Rivers of blood

13. Britain is profiting from terrorism; return our artefacts you stole from Nigeria

14. Nigerians abroad ask Sowore, Ezekwesili, Durotoye and Moghalu to step down for one person.


„The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall”.

Che Guevara


The current insecurity and killing of Nigerians within Nigeria is unacceptable. Our country presided over by a retired army general Muhammadu Buhari has become so unsafe that one begin to wonder what would have happened if there was war with other countries. The situation has been worsened by hunger and poverty despite our huge natural resources. Sadly, Nigeria has been judged as the poverty capital of the world with over 80 million persons living in extreme poverty. The World bank has predicted that by 2021 Nigeria will become the country with the highest number of children that die before the age of five.

In the midst of these anomalies, the same politicians that have looted our treasury continue to re-invest their loot as a way of re-cycling their evil leadership and expanding their business empires. This will further impoverish my people. We must stop them!

In continuation of my series on legitimate and non- violent revolution in Nigeria, the following speech compilation has been made as a way of raising awareness amongst Nigerians living in and outside Nigeria. This has become necessary because Nigerians living in Nigeria are too afraid to speak in order to avoid arrest and harassment by the security agencies. This has further been worsened by the long reign of military dictatorship which enveloped the country for fifteen years. Nigeria cannot continue like this. It will be unfair to be silent and bequeath such a country to my children and the unborn generation.

The answer to Nigeria”s problems is in the hands of Nigerians in diaspora. The country has been under demonic invasion by politicians, security agencies and religious persons that have led the country astray.

Our dignity as a people has been forcefully seized by a few persons who, hitherto, have erroneously been refered to as fellow Nigerians.

In line with my goals, I founded the Global Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria, GCSDN which is a fast-spreading political platform for Nigerians in and outside the diaspora for addressing and profering solutions to the lingering problems.

Our revolution without ammunition project is simply asking that new generation politicians should take over the affairs of the country. We are demanding that our abundant resources must be judiciously utilized in ways that benefit us as a people with a common wealth and common national destiny. We want a country that works for everybody – not for a few. Is that asking for too much? NO!!

1 Internal election and the endorsement of a Nigerian Presidential candidate.

Speech of 1st November 2018.

Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come. To be alive to see the beginning of the transition of our country into a better tomorrow, is the best time to be alive. Please note that when the European Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria supports a candidate for an election, it does not mean that we are all members of his or her political party. In future elections, the need may also arise for us to equally support another candidate from another political party. We are looking for capable hands not political parties. Our country Nigeria comes first. After the announcement of the election results, we quickly contacted the winner Omoyele Sowore to send us a short video clip which we have attached at the end of this speech just the way we added the results from TIDEO at the beginning of this speech. Now the time has come for all Nigerians home and abroad, to put aside all political, religious and regional differences, and speak with one voice by forming a united front. We have complained long enough as Nigerians. Our greatest problem as a people is that we have been afraid to speak and stand up for our rights before government just because they control the police and the soldiers who are equally suffering. It is the constitutional duty of government to provide us with security and welfare. Since 1960 they have failed in this. Since they failed in this, they have failed in all. It is our constitutional rights to have good education, good health, good roads, stable and affordable electricity, excellent environment and continually improved general well being. For any politician to promise you any of these basic needs, it means that they are promising you your rights. We kept quiet for 58 years and allowed a tiny cabal who are supposed to provide these facilities, to steal them from us into their private pockets. The soldiers came with their many coup. We thought they were our friends. They lied, killed and stole from us. The politicians came, we thought that they were our brothers and sisters. They have continued to lie, kill and steal from us. Know your rights my people. We are not dogs that return to their vomits. Stop thinking that we are helpless. Today we have 13.2 million Nigerian children on the street; out of school. The highest in the world. Today our children are used as suicide bombers. Which normal person will vote for the same abnormal persons that have put our children in this abysmal situation? No, we have the power to change our leaders and hold them accountable. The problem is simply that we, the people have been too silent and nonchalant in a country that belongs to each and every one of us.

It is criminal deceit that for 19 years, APC and PDP promised us security, electicity and economic growth but all we got is poverty, broad day massacre of Nigerians, monumental corruption, insecurity, huge indebtedness and national embarrassment. They borrowed on our behalf and stole what they borrowed so that future generations will be in debt. They stole our human rights. Now we must take back our dignity as a people. APC and PDP are the same. They only move from party to party. We refuse to accept their lies any more. We say No, No, Noooo!! There is nothing like Atikulated. Stop intentionally using words to inflict wound on your soul. Buhari has failed does not mean that just anybody is good enough to be our President. We have alternatives to PDP and APC. We must not make the mistake to think that our lives depend on APC and PDP. As we journey from the slavery years of PDP towards the promised land, we unfortunately encountered Buhari’s APC and their fake change mantra. That does not mean that we should return to the Egypt years of slavery and deprivation under PDP. They turned our country into PLCC and recycled it amongst themselves. PLCC means that they are the Palmerworm, Locust, Cankerworm and Caterpillars. We refuse to allow them to desperately re-invest what they stole from us into politics for them to continue to hide their secrets, reap more, protect and expand their business empires, while we cry for another four years. Who said we are searching for a businessman or rich person to be President of Nigeria? Their so-called wealth is what they stole from each and every one of us. The 33rd President of the United States of America Harry Truman was one of the poorest Presidents in that country. He was elected in 1945 and went ahead to win a second tenure. He left office as a poor man who had personal debt to pay but he served his country very well. Nigerians must stop following the crowd. There is nothing like Atikulated or Atikulooted neither is it justified to refer to Buhari as a man with integrity after he boldly refused to disclose to u show much public money he spent on his health for 107 days in the United Kingdom. When you make mistakes in any election, you suffer for that mistake for four years… and you will begin another session of fasting and prayer for Nigeria? Noooooo! Do not do anything that will change the name of our country from Nigeria to sorry. I have repeatedly said that if you collect five thousand naira to sell your vote, the suffering will last for four years. We have 1460 days in four years. Divide 5000 naira by 1460 days and that will give you an average of 4 naira a day. That four naira cannot buy you pure water in a day. What a shame! With Sowore, never again must a Nigerian kill or kidnap a fellow citizen for ransom in the name of hustling. Never again must our compatriots continue to escape from Nigeria, sold as slaves in Libya, drown in the meditereanean or used for prostitution and other criminalities because our politicians have frustrated us.

We refuse to remain the poverty capital of the world with all the resources needed to make us a great nation. We refuse to continue living in a fool’s paradise.

Omoyele the erudite son of Sowore, go; speak to Nigerians on the hills and on the valleys. Go, speak in the rain and under the sun, go; speak in market places, in our schools and motor parks! Nigerians are set to listen to the true voice of change. Nigerians have decided and they are set to relocate you to Aso Rock come 2019. To some this is impossible, but to God all things are possible. We have stayed on this valley for too long. The sun has risen upon you and our country. We welcome you, the people’s president! Our mumu-ness has finally come to an end. Today signal the beginning of the end of our misery. Never again shall Nigerian children beg for bread or learn under trees. Never again shall our passport and our green-white-green be disrespected. Never again must our youths pay 100 naira daily just to find a space to sleep under the Oshodi bridge in Lagos. Today I stand tall, proudly Nigerian.

By the powers conferred on me, as the Global coordinator of the European Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria; as a proud natural citizen of our great country, Nigeria, I hereby pledge as follows: That henceforth, Omoyele Sowore is hereby endorsed as the preferred Presidential candidate of the European Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria made up of Nigerians in diaspora. I pledge, that by day and by night, come rain or shine, I, Frederick Omoyoma Odorige will work, in conjunction with all our coordinators and our teeming followers, to fully campaign for, and support Omoyele the son of Sowore, to be the next President of our great country the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I hereby call, on all coordinators of our movement in Hungary, Austria, Belgium, Canada, United States of America, United Kingdom, Poland, Ghana, United Arab Emirates, Australia, France, Luxembourg, Philipines, China, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Italy and all our 41 chapters, all our supporters, followers and subscribers to arise and join this moving train towards Aso Rock come 2019. You may remain in your respective political parties if you wish, but we must all support and vote for Sowore as President. This is no longer the time to vote in the name of political parties. It is the time to vote because of the person not because of the party he or she belong to. Buhari, Atiku and all other Presidential candidates, Sowore deserves your votes! We cannot continue doing things the same old way and we expect new results. Our politicians have failed woefully. Their greed has come to an end. We refuse to put new wine in old bottles.

We salute all the new generation politicians. We salute your courage and dogged commitment for a new Nigeria. Today, with all respect and deep sense of humility, we ask that if you truly love Nigeria, you should kindly suspend your Presidential aspirations so that we could collectively work with Sowore. Kingsley Omoghalu, Fela Durotoye, Oby Ezekwesili, and the others too numerous to mention. We respect your experience and vision...oh how we love you! We know from your body languages that some of you are not desperate politicians like those in APC and PDP who kill and maim fellow Nigerians just to get into office. To be honest with you, on your own, you cannot win the Presidency. Some of you may have some qualities that Sowore does not have but there is something in Sowore that none of you seem to have. All of you cannot be President at the same time. I am fully qualified to be the President of Nigeria, but no, we must all use our talents and resources to support and work with Sowore. In so doing, we could win together as Nigerians. Lets get it done my people. All hands must be on deck for a new Nigeria. We must put our differences aside for the sake of our children and our unborn generation that have become highly indebted because of government’s continuing borrowing. We wish to advise: you new political parties and Presidential candidates sponsored by APC and PDP, we know you very well. We know that very soon you will come together and tell Nigerians that you have endorsed Atiku or Buhari because they have been sponsoring you to divide us. We must stop celebrating our oppressors because of dirty money. We know the game plan. If not, what are we doing with 91 political parties? Nigerian youths, the time has finally come for you to prove that you are not lazy as retired General Muhammadu Buhari pathetically described you. You are privileged to be a President does not mean that others are lazy. Nigerian youths are the salt of Nigeria. Never again must our youths be used as thugs by those that have made them jobless and hungry. National association of Nigerian students, arise and work to guarantee your future. Never again shall your parents borrow to send you to school. Never again shall politicians buy you wheel barrows and motor cycles for so-called empowerment programs after graduation. Never again must politicians loot our money and increase your school fees so that your parents will pay for what politicians stole. In a country of Professors, Doctors and other highly learned Nigerians who have broken international records, it is a collosal error and absolutely unacceptable in this 21st century to allow a semi-literate without a Secondary school certificate to continue ruling the 200,000,000 of us. No!! We must no longer allow them to divide us with tribe, religion or region. The insult we receive as Nigerians or Africans abroad is much when we have a naturally endowed country back home. Whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, traditionalist or atheist; whether you are from the North, South, East or West, the time has come for us to unite and develop together. APC and PDP will not take us any where as a country. They wasted 19 years of our common destinies as a people. If there was no distance covered, there was no work done. We are not dogs that we should return to our vomit. No! We have worked and campaigned for them years back before they disappointed all us. Now we are giving them a red card! PDP and APC are the same. What is the difference between 6 and half a dozen? Both of them are polygamous political parties. Why do you keep comparing Buhari with Atiku? Two wrongs cannot make a right. Buhari preaches change and Atiku is preaching bureau de change. But Nigerians want R-E-A-L change. Not just talking about talking. Change that could transform our lives. Let PDP or APC pick nice persons as their running mates; you cannot use powder to cover sh*t. It will always smell like sh*t. Whether it has expired, or not expired, poison is poison. We gave them opportunity to represent us and improve our situation but they started playing God. Man wants to be God but only one God became man! We have prayed enough and God has answered us enough. This is not a time for prayers my people. This is the time for holy anger. It is time to chase away the destiny killers. Retired General Obasanjo and Atiku as Vice President ordered the killing of over 100 persons in the Odi massacre of Bayelsa state. Today, retired General Buhari continue to supervise the killing of Nigerians. They killed us body and mind during the regime of Jonathan Goodluck into Buhari’s government. From January 2018, 73 of us were killed in Logo and Guma local government areas of Benue state; 25 of us were killed in Keana, Nasarawa state; 55 of us were killed in Lau Taraba State; 11 of us were killed in Madagali, Atiku’s Adamawa state; 32 of us were killed in Daima/Omala, Bello’s Kogi state; they killed 50 of us in Offa, Saraki’s Kwara state; 51 of us were killed in Wukari, Taraba state; In Kaduna they killed 38, then 51, then 58, and recently over 100 of us, though Buhari said it was only 55. Till now they are still killing…the list is on and on. In a country that is not fighting war! Hmmnnnn…We will never forget. Our eyes are red but we refuse to cry! They were killing us while our politicians were busy campaigning for re-election.

Our leaders just condemn the acts by words of mouth and the killing continues while some terrible Nigerians keep supporting them and even wishing them to continue in office. Oh! Who bewitched my people? In the words of George Santayana „The one who does not remember history is bound to live through it again. Never again must we make the error of voting the same persons that continue to recycle themselves and to supervise our killing. I have a background in Military Science. A retired army General who could not secure his people when there is no war cannot secure them when there is war and he cannot take his people into greatness or guarantee their development because no development can thrive in insecurity. Our leaders watched us die. Know this, my people: Death is not the greatest loss in life; the greatest loss is when you see those that killed you yesterday, stand before you today; and you prostrate before them saying ’ rule over me again, I am loyal’, knowing that you will die tomorrow! Hunger or no hunger, stop celebrating your oppresors, my people. They made you hungry in the first place. We must take back your dignity as Nigerians. We did not escort anybody to Nigeria. Nobody own Nigeria more than Nigerians. Stop saying that it is good that youths and new generation politicians are creating awareness now, but that they should wait till 2023. No! That is the voice of failure. Make hay while the sun shine. Tomorrow is not a promise. Why do you have to endure poverty and postpone your prosperity? How many more people would have been killed before 2023? We refuse to postpone our security and welfare. Our country is in huge crises. It needs urgent attention. Nigeria is surviving on a life support machine and the oxygen is running out! 2019 must be the year of political, social and economic freedom and the beginning of a new Nigeria. We must not even think of postponing that. No! We cannot wait any longer. We have been waiting since 1960; 58 years!! Do not listen when they say ..Oh Sowore is very good but they will not allow him. Who is they ? They is you, they is me; they is all of us. All hands must be on deck to make Sowore win. Henceforth it is our collective duty. Let us begin to tell each other about our new President that is going to Aso Rock. About 200 million of us are far more than the less than 10,000 persons that have ruined our country. Politics is a game of number. The mission of the old Nigerian politicians against we the people, is SKD. To steal, to kill and to destroy. Their time is up.

Who is saying that Sowore has no political structures across Nigeria? APC and PDP had structures before they put us where we are today. We, the people are the structures. Stop under-rating yourself. Don’t you know what you carry? Very few countries has God blessed like our country Nigeria. It is a huge blessing and rare privilege to be a Nigerian. The problem is not the country; the problem is the politicians, but the biggest problem is when the citizens become silent and support their oppressors. Stop saying Nigeria matter nor concern me o. Sharrap e concern you. If e nor concern you na who e concern? Na Ghanaian or South African person na im e concern? Dem dey spoil our country dey go and you dey old dey go with suffer-suffer, and you dey say e nor concern you? Once we miss putting the right persons in office, we miss another four years of development.

If Sowore is weak in any area, it is our collective duty to strengthen him as one of us. We are not looking for a perfect candidate. Sowore can do more than what he has promised and he can do more than what other candidates have promised. Do not worry about the so-called structure of APC and PDP. Can’t you see that they have started turning their swords against themselves? They had structures when Chibok and Dapchi girls were kidnapped1 ; they had structures when our fellow country men and women were slaughtered and buried in mass graves across Nigeria. They had structures when herdsmen butchered our people in Abraka Delta state, down to the hinterlands of Edo state and across the country. Are you so heartless that you will vote for the same people that supervised the killing of members of your family, friends and neighbours? Those that wiped away your villages and burned your houses No!! PDP and APC had structures when our country became the 9th worst secured country in Africa. They had structures when they bribed their own party delegates with stolen dollars to vote for them. Nigerians, a-r-i-s-e lets have a fresh candidate. We are the structure. They had structures when Nigerians can no longer afford to eat well in a day; when our pensioners die in the queue waiting for their pension after serving our country; when salaries are delayed for many months, they had structures. When our soldiers and police officers are daily living in hard conditions and killed by gunmen. They had structures when, though the Northerners have ruled for the longest number of years, yet our northern brothers and sisters are the gatemen and beggars across Nigeria. They had structures when Buhari’s government is using soldiers to kill our shiite muslim brothers and sisters. No, Sowore’s government will never allow that.!! We have a common enemy called old Nigerian politicians. They had structures when some parts of our country continue to agitate to break away because of general marginalization of the Nigerian people. With Sowore the eastern part Nigeria will smile again but Nigeria will not break. It is the politicians that will break. Forget their evil structures. Na who structure help? We are the structure. Lets build our structure around Sowore. Omoyele Sowore, has been invited to Budapest, the beautiful capital city of Hungary on Saturday 24 November 2018. On that day Saturday 24 November we shall formally and symbolically hand over to Sowore the keys of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It will be your key to Aso Rock. Nigerians from all walks of life are hereby invited to this great event. Our mumu is finally dead and buried.

Fellow Nigerians, go with this strength of yours, the revolution without ammunition has begun. The Light of God will shine on our country, and men and women who derided and mocked at us because of bad leadership, will look at us someday and say: This is a country! God’s Kingdom has come on earth as it is in heaven. The world shall testify of our greatness as a people. Our greatness is the greatness of Africa. Henceforth we must all use our talents and resources to campaign and support Sowore for President. Nigerian musicians I challenge you with maximum respect. Sunny Okosun sang Which way Nigeria; Fela Anikulapo Kuti sang Authority stealing. What are you singing today? Enough of singing baby baby omoge omoge, I hold your waist; it is time to s-i-n-g unto national re-construction. In the words of George S. Patton, it is b etter to „live for something rather than die for nothing."

Fellow Nigerians, arise, the chain is broken. The chain fell from Nelson Mandela after 27 years in prison; the chain fell from Paul and Silas in the prison of the evil king. The chain fell in Zimbabwe in 2017 when Robert Mugabe was booted out of office. In 2017 the chain fell in Gambia when Jammeh Yahaya was disgraced out of office after 22 years of failed leadership. In 2010 the chain fell in Tunisia at the birth of the Arab spring that ended a dictatorship of 23 years. In 1979 Iranians said Nooo through a peaceful revolution and their chains fell. The People Power Revolution of the Philipines broke their chain in 1986. The chain fell when South Africans said Noooo to corruption in 2018 and Jacob Zuma was kicked out of office. Africa is waiting for Nigeria to say NOOOOOO! Today, the chain of authority stealing and massacre of Nigerians is broken. It is broken and it must remain broken! 20 million permanent voters’ cards are yet to be collected from INEC. If you are tired of the suffering, killing, and oppression in Nigeria, I beg you, I really beg you. Go and collect your voters’ card today and vote for Sowore. Do not give up on Nigeria. A new Nigeria is on the way to glory. Can’t you see the light? Nigerians abroad, please begin to call your families and friends in Nigeria. Tell them that we have seen the brightest star in the sky. Inform them that Omoyele Sowore is the only person they must vote for to be President in 2019. Tell each member of your family or friend to tell ten other persons to vote for Sowore. Tell them to tell each of the ten persons they will tell, to tell another ten persons and on and on. The victory of Sowore will be a victory of the masses. I warn you, some Nigerians that are with us now will be bribed and they will come up to say in the media that they are no longer with us. Do not worry or listen to them. They are agents of the oppressors. We have been neutral until now but there must come a time to decide. No longer must we be neutral. Get in touch with us if you wish to support this movement in any way.

You will not know how Nigerian politicians are destroying Nigeria until you travel out of Nigeria. As Nigerians living abroad, we have seen the world and we know the truth. When you see how countries that have no natural resources are developing steadily, you start to wonder what is happening to our country Nigeria. In 2020 China will be using artificial moon to replace street light2 and we are still there struggling with electricity. Sowore has promised us that he will resign if he cannot give Nigerians steady and cheap electricity before four years in office. We cannot continue to borrow money from countries who depend on our raw materials for growth.

Go, my people! Print your T-shirt, Sowore for President. Let it flow. Go print our T-shirts also. Simply print hastage NO! Print Nooo on your walls, print it on stickers and leaflets, paint NO!! on your vehicles. Any time you see Nigerian politicians in any public or private gathering, just shout Nooo. Keep shouting Nooo. Don’t stop shouting Nooo. That is how we shall kill the evil spirit, wickedness and greed that most of them carry about. We refuse to live in this hardship in our country. This error must be corrected once and for all. As you collect your voters’ cards to vote for Omoleye Sowore of AAC as the next Nigerian President come 2019, it shall be our way of saying NO to vote buying; we will be saying NO to insecurity; No to disenfranchisement; No to corruption; No to rigging; No to bogus salaries for state, federal legislators and the executives; No to the murderous herdsmen; No to political godfatherism and the evil political ancestors who have refused to die; No to Boko haram and their sponsors; No to unsteady electricity supply; No to inadequate health care facilities; No to politicians who travel abroad for health care while our people die at home; No to delay in the payment of salaries and pensions; No to budget padding; No to injustice and the detention of Nigerians without trial; No to those that continue to undermine our voices and rights as a people; No to recycled leaders; No to indiscriminate allocation of oil blocs; No to marginalization and the continuing environmental degradation in Niger Delta; No to inflated and abandoned projects; No to selective anti-corruption fight; No to V.I.P. treatment to some Nigerians in prison; No to life pension for former Governors and former Presidents; No to some religious leaders that have lied and led us astray; No to state electoral commissions inaugurated and manipulated by Governors; We are set to say No and Nooo to whatever has held us down as a people. We reclaim our common wealth. We reclaim our country Nigeria. Enough is enough. Welcome President Omoyele Sowore, Grand Commander of the Federal Republic come 2019. Nigeria is free at last! Sai, Sai, Sai bobo!!!! TAKE NIGERIA BACK!

2 BEWARE! Nigerian Politicians now pay voters with ritual money on election day.

Fellow Nigerians, I want to tell you somethings with you today that you must never forget throughout your entire life. What I am about to share with you today is purely spiritual and it is a shocking revelation. You better listen and share the information with your family and friends. Do you know that many Nigerians have died mysteriously because they were paid with ritual money during the elections of Anambra, Ekiti and Osun states? Many more will die in 2019 if they do not take this message seriously. Some persons that received money from vote buyers have died in their sleep and some of them are now walking corpses with heads that do not have functioning brains. Some of them have gone to see the doctor but the problem could not be diagnosed. Some walked into accidents and others lost their destinies. Look for some persons with children that received money from politicians on election day. Some of their children have died since they received that money. Just check your neighbour. This is real. It was ritual money. For those that have no children, their destinies have been arrested. Some youths today are ready to fight with you if you tell them not to support their oppressors because they are under spiritual control. As they spend the politician’s money, it will be very difficult for them to make progress in life because the politicians have caged their destinies. There is no free food in Freetown. Have you not observed that ordinarily, some politicians give money with their left hands? It is part of their rules from their occult world.

If you think that Nigerian politicians will give you money because they want you to be happy for one day, then you are joking. Political godfather and godson or god daughter swear spiritual oaths in a shrine. They have an agreement. They need to remain loyal even when the godfather is a greedy idiot. That is why you see that some local government areas and states will never develop because they use your money to pay the godfathers based on spiritual agreement. Have you observed that in some PDP and APC states, no matter how much you have looted, the party will still make you the leader of their political party? Why? Ritual agreement.

Politicians will never use their children as thugs or any other dirty political business because they value their children more than you the youths that they use as thugs. Why? Because, as we say in pidgin English, „ Na another man pikin na im fit craze”

The House Majority leader of the Osun State House of Assembly was recently caught performing ritual in a market place at midnight when it was just close to the Osun Governorship election.3 There are different types of rituals. Collect money from such a person and you will receive all the bad luck and sickness that he washed away from his body that night. The water from such a ritual is sprayed on all the money they will give to voters and use the money to circle round their heads. Once you receive that money, anything that such a person tell you is what you will accept and do throughout your life. You will be operating like a goat. That is the genesis of operation mumu. If you tell yourself that election period is the only time that you can get something from politicians or eat what you call national cake, you are deceiving yourself. You are simply eating your flesh and drinking your blood.

Some Nigerians are under a spell; especially the youths are are supposed to take control!! If not, how can you imagine that the less than 10,000 evil politicians are controlling about 200,000m people who refuse to do nothing? How can you call yourself the giant of Africa and you are sleeping in the mud? We have a parable in my Urhobo language : Orhere no rielo, shor ghwékpé yelo. That is, the cricket says its eyes are open but it continues to pour sand on its eyes.

Not long ago, four University of Port Harcourt students were mysterious killed because politicians need blood for elections. We all know the story of the Badoo boys that operate in the South West of Nigeria. They will smash somebody’s head with a grinding stone, use an handkerchief to touch the blood and that is all. They now sell the handerchief for about 300 to 500,000 naira to politicians who need it for rituals. It is this handkerchief that they use in rubbing the money which they give to you on election day. The spirit of the dead person that was killed will be fighting with the killer throughout his life while the destiny of the person that receives the money is collected by the politician.

Some of the Badoo boys will stab a pregnant woman, forcefully pull out the unborn child and sell it to Nigerian politicians for rituals. Many Nigerian politicians are devil incarnate. They are the real principalities and powers you read about in the Bible. It is only when we cross our mind and speak with one voice that we can push them away in 2019. Their only purpose in life is to kill, steal and destroy. Nigeria will never move forward if continue to allow the same old politicians to be in office. No way! They use the blood of Nigerians to stay in office. They even take sleep away from Nigerians that are dead by sending youths to the cemetary to dig out human skulls for their evil ritual.

Why do you think that for over 20 years, government after government, they have been slow in reparing the Lagos Ibadan, Lagos Benin express road and some other express roads in the North and Eastern part of the country? Politicians need the blood that comes from the motor accidents. That is why, when Omoyele Sowore said that he will repair those roads within two years as President, the politicians are already panicking because if those roads are fully completed by Sowore, some politicians will die in their sleep.

Any youth that allows himself to be used by politicians to kill a fellow Nigerian in the 2019 election for dirty change will miss his target and die in the process. Do you see the children of ritualist politicians wearing the T-shirts of their parents’ political parties or attending their parents’ political rallies? No! They push other youths to the streets while their children are chilling at home or abroad. Now, during elections, the politicians use under- aged voters especially from the northern parts of Nigerians. These are children they pick from the street. Children who are always hungry and homeless. Children who survive as scavengers. Children who do not have water to take their baths for as much as three months. Some of the children drink from gutter. The politicians made them so and never do anything to change their lives. During election they give them small money and put them in the queue to vote. After the election they abandon the children again on the street till another four years. Some of the children fight themselves for space just to sleep under tables in market places. Some sleep on refuse dumps breathing in the deep smell of human and animal faeces. You could see the children shivering from cold whenever it rains on them. Sadly, politicians also pay these children with ritual money and their lives become worse. Destroyed destinies. Man’s inhumanity to man. Children in the north must be informed not to allow themselves to be used during elections or receive evil money from desperate politicians. If you can afford it, share food to such children during elections so that they are not enticed by wicked politicians. I really hope that we can do such cooking projects in the future. This speech will be translated into many languages. Please share it with the children. Announce it in the Church and in the mosques. Some of these politicians also have sex with animals and these abandoned children as part of their evil rituals. Together, we must say No! No!!

We must not allow the 2019 elections to be about money. It is an election between their evil structures and we the people. It is an election between darkness and the children of light. This election is between the cankerworms and the prosperity seekers. Youths, open your eyes and change the election of Nigeria in 2019. I am not a youth. I was born in the first month of the Nigerian civil war. I am only fighting for you. I am fighting for my children, your children; our children. The collective destiny of a country depends on the quality of leaders elected into office. We must say No to election rigging; No to political godfatherism; No to vote selling and buying and No to thuggery. Which political thugs have you seen that has a grand child? None. They end up as armed robbers because the spirit of thuggery pushes them into robbery. Have you seen an armed robber that has a grand child? No! Why? Because the dirty business does not last. They always die miserable deaths in the process from cultism to thuggery and to robbery. Remember the political thugs from Kogi state who became armed robbers that killed 50 of us during the Offa bank robbery? When they were caught, did their Oga Senator Bukola Saraki not deny them? That is how politicians will deny you if you allow them to use you as thugs in 2019. You better change your ways as you are watching this video now or you will regret when it is too late.

Why do you see that a state Governor can control all the legislators in their State House of assembly? Why do you see that a local government Chairman can control all the Councillors? Why do you see that a so-called godfather can control Senators and Governors? With the ritual from the blood of Nigerians! They put the name and pictures of their subjects into a bottle and they close the bottle. They speak to the bottle to control their victims. Ritual. That is why a state governor can steal as much he wants and the legislators cannot talk. That is why a local government chairman can steal as he wants and the Councillors cannot talk because their brains and mouths are inside a bottle.

That is why 58 years after independence, Nigerians are living in fear, insecurity and poverty in their own country because a tiny percentage of evil persons are allowed to manipulate them like puppets. They are still promising you roads, electricity, water, hospitals and other funny things. No government promises you such things in developed countries because they got all that more than 300 years and you are there campaigning for your oppressors like Atiku and Buhari. They have even turned some of your brains now so that the only thing you see in your dream and real life is APC or PDP.

Please if you are living abroad, before the election, please send pocket money to members of your family. Warn them seriously not to collect any money before or on election day from ritualist politicians. If they collect that money, it is you they will call at the end of the day to send money to treat their spiritual problem.

If you are in Nigeria do not make the mistake of collecting any money from politicians on or before election day. Do not collect any food item or drinks too. They have robbed all those things with their evil sacrifices and the blood of our compatriots. We saw a politician in Oyo state who was distributing pop corn. Pop corn!! Another one was distributing Ijebu garri and women were on the queue waiting for garri or what Ayo Fayose calls stomach infrastructure… I thank God for the new generation politicians that have risen up. They are the only clean ones now. That is why we continue to appeal to fresh politicians like Kingsley Moghalu, Fela Durotoye, Oby Ezekwesili and the others to kindly work with Sowore as President and Nigeria will never be the same again. Fellow Nigerians, if you cannot control your greed and hunger on election day, just know that you personally signed your death warrant in the hands of evil politicians. It is the same politicians that made you hungry so that you can run after them to receive their evil money on election day. If you dont collect their money for one day you will not die. If you are a girl and you are doing prostitution or what you nicely call runs, just stop it now because politicians need your blood for rituals in the coming elections. Some will drug you and put live snake in your private part, bring out the snake, use it for ritual and use the money to pay voters for the election. Then the girl and whoever receives that money will never be the same again.

Some months ago, gun men entered a village in the Tiv speaking area of Nasarawa state known as Gizi. They killed many persons and burnt the village. Then they cut off the right hand of a lady named Joy Terna. She was four months pregnant… and the gun men took her right hand away. Joy Terna was left on the ground to bleed. Miraculously, she survived the bleeding, later gave birth and she is now at the Abegena camp for Internally Displaced Persons at the outskirt of Makurdi with her baby. Now she struggles to feed her baby with her left hand, all because our government could not give us security but they secure themselves and their families with our common wealth. These are true life stories. That hand might have been sold to the same APC and PDP ritualists that destroyed our country since 1999. Very soon we are going to call on Nigerians living abroad to join us in a project to rehabilitate Joy Terna and her child. You could partner with the European Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria, ECSDN with your support and together, we can give joy to Joy again. Let us give her an artificial right hand, le tus take her away from the camp, rent an apartment for her for five years, establish a good business for her and train her child to University level. The child that refused to die. We shall tell you more about that project soon but you will see the picture of this sister at the end of this video.

Have you not heard of Nigerians, including little children that disappeared from the street? Their body parts are already sold to politicians for rituals who will use the money to pay for your votes in the 2019 elections. You must not receive blood money my people. Parent must be careful how they allow their children to walk alone to or from School this time around because the evil political jackals are awake. They have become more desperate than before. Nigeria is currently not a place to be a youth. The politicians made it so. There are some persons that are 58 years old like Nigeria but since they were born they have not enjoyed anything from the government.

If you see anybody with money on election day trying to buy votes, just know for yourself that the person is a ritualist. If you hold them and strip them naked, you will see that they are tying some evil objects round their waists. He might even have used the blood of a member of your family or friends for that money. Listen to this: they will never allow their children to touch such monies. Never! They know the evil the money contains. My people, we have suffered enough together as a people. This is the time to speak with one voice. We have many problems in Nigeria today because the blood of innocent Nigerians are crying, screaming from underground seeking justice from Nigerian politicians. If you do not listen to me now, and you collect money from any politician on or before election day, the only thing I can tell you in advance is Rest in Peace.

As I am speaking now, the stubborn spirit from your village is telling some of you’’ leave that guy, na so he dey talk. Na today we dey see blood? All death na death now; money na money. S-h-a-r-r-a-p, all money nor be money.

Nigerian youths, I call on you now. You have the power to change the face of politics in Nigeria. We must support only a clean President that shares our values. We must kick out money from our politics today so that we can enjoy long-lasting and secured prosperity. A primary school teacher could be governor even if he does not have money. Stop worshiping money. I challenge you today, let us make sacrifices for country Nigeria. Let those politicians go with their evil money. If you have one or two thousand naira, design leaflets for Sowore and distribute them even if they are on black and white papers. Print Tshirts for yourselves. Do not wait or look for where their offices are or who to mobilize you. Mobilize yourself and be the hero and heroine of a new era Nigeria. Start campaigning by yourselves to yourselves. Tell everybody around you that they should vote for the symbol of Hand. That is Sowore’s party. Don’t worry about your political party. Just vote for Sowore as President. I am not a member of Sowore’s political party. I do not belong to any party now. We are nation builders. Nigerians living abroad have picked Sowore to be President of Nigeria in 2019. We cannot deceive you. We know what is good for our people. We want our country to be like the countries we are living abroad. It is possible. Many of us want to return home because we know that God has specially blessed Nigeria. That is why we want you to cooperate with us to build a new Nigeria through this election of 2019. With all of us victory is sure. Do not doubt in your mind my people. Doubt is not the voice of God. Form yourselves into groups, All associations of transport workers, vulcanizers, spare parts dealers, fashion designers, furniture makers, women’s groups, mechanics, market men and women, police officers, soldiers and all other security agencies, lets join hands together and support Omoyele Sowore for President. Lets show other African countries that we can work together and change bad leaders once and for all. Let all of us deliver all our wards and local government areas for Sowore. That must be our main goal. National Association of Nigerian Students and all youth organizations; I challenge you now: join and organize the 2 million March of Sai Bobo in all the 36 states of Nigeria starting from Sowore’s Ondo state. Nigerian musicians, comedians, Nollywood, arise for country and support the wind of change. Sowore said it must no longer be Sai Baba for the old expired politicians; lets do Sai Bobo where all Nigerian children and youths will have a role to play in deciding their common destinies. The average life span of Nigerians have fallen to 55 years. If you are 35 years downwards, including those that were born today, you are already in debt because the APC and PDP government have borrowed money which will take at least 35 years to pay. With Sowore as President come 2019 you will see that Nigeria is not as poor as our bad leaders have left it. See how God blessed Nigeria. We have 34 mineral resources spread over 430 locations in Nigeria. Every state is blessed in Nigeria. See how satan just selected our country and planted evil politicians in our midst. Their time is up. In Abuja we have Marble Clay and Tantalite Abia: Gold, Oil and Gas Adama: Kaolin, Bentonite, Akwa Ibom: Limestone, Oil and Gas; Anambra: Clay, Limestone, Lignite, Phosphate, Gypsum, Bauchi: Lead/zinc, Uranium, Bayelsa: Gypsum, Limestone, Uranium. In other states we have Lead/Zinc, Limestone, Iron-ore, Coal, Clay, marble, Bauxite, Salt, Germstone. Even in BORNO where Boko haram is hijacking, we have Diatomite, Clay, Limestone, Kaolin, Bentonite, Oil and gas. In Nigeria if you plant anything it must grow. If it does not grow in the North it must grow in the South, east or West. Our leaders are not only greedy, they are wicked. With all of these they just borrow and borrow, loot, increase their salaries, engage in rituals because they have no vision in the midst of a silent majority. Where is our money??

Arise my people, we know that as President, Omoyele Sowore of AAC will lead us to the Nigeria of our dream. This is not a campaign; it is a statement of facts. We cannot be looking at the promised land and we are thinking about Egypt. Join the 2 million March of Sai Bobo in all the 36 states of Nigeria. Put aside your religion, region, political affiliation or tribe and join this revolution. This is revolution without ammunition. No hate, no killing, no burning of houses or tyres on our streets but Nigeria must be free.

Oh..I love our old National anthem when Nigeria was Nigeria: Nigeria we hail thee Our own dear native land Though tribe and tongue may differ In brotherhood we stand Nigerians all and proud to serve Our sovereign motherland Our flag shall be a symbol That truth and justice reign In peace or battle honour And this we count as gain To pass unto our children A banner without stain

O God of all creation Grant this our one request Help us to build a nation Where no man is oppressed And so with peace and plenty Nigeria may be blessed.

We know that Omoyele Sowore will serve our country best. He will be faithful, loyal, and honest. He will serve Nigeria with all his strength; To defend her unity And uphold her honor and glory, So help him God!! Halleluuuuuyah!!


1 Young girls were kidnapped from their schools in both cities in 2014 and 2018.

2 Hunt, E., (2018, October 17) The Guardian, Retrieved 2019, January 03.

3 Makinde, F. (2018, September 17) Punch Nigerian Newspaper, Retrieved 2019, January 08

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