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Frederick Omoyoma Odorige is a Ph.d candidate of Military Science at the National University of Public Service, Budapest Hungary.

He has a Masters degree in International Public Service Relations, a Certificate in Diplomacy from the above institution and a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts from the University of Benin, Nigeria.

He has been very vocal against the misrule and undemocratic policies that has beclouded Nigeria since her independence of 1960.

As a student activist at the University of Benin, Nigeria, he was very active during the anti-SAP demonstration that swept across Nigeria during the military regime of General Ibrahim Babanginda in May/June 1989.

The author has used his artistry and vocal participation against the dictatorial regime of the late Nigerian Head of State, General Sani Abacha whose monumental corruption is still a subject of international diplomacy.

Frederick is currently the Founder and Global Coordinator of the Global Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria, GCSDN which is a fast-spreading political platform for Nigerians in and outside the diaspora for addressing public office holders and institutions that continue to loot the Nigerian treasury and disenfranchise Nigerians. He decries the weakness of the Nigerian government to respond to crises, political godfatherism, fulani herdsmen, Boko haram and other militia sponsorship that have killed Nigerians till date.

In August 2017 he led Nigerians in Hungary in a widely-publicized protest to stop an attempt by the Nigerian Ministry of Water Resources from concluding a negotiation for a loan of 54m euro from Hungary because of its potential corruptive elements. Rather, he suggested that such monies should be used in building schools and hospitals in Nigeria as Nigerian politicians continue to fly abroad for health treatments and send their children abroad for education.

Today, from a safe distance, he continues to step on the toes of the high and mighty politicians and to unleash unbridled criticism and recommendations to military politicians and recycled Nigerian leaders that continue to impoverish Nigeria. "Revolution without ammunitions" is intended to galvanize compatriots towards 'a second independence of Nigerians from ill-meaning politicians'. His speeches have also been recorded on youtube (, Nelson M46664) for visual representation.

Frederick is also an Assistant Pastor with the New Covenant Church, Budapest.


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