Arthritis. Social work Case Study

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The social workers suffer from a lack of empirically grounded research of practice results. This is due to the fact that it is reflected in research texts, disciplinary guidelines and doctoral program standards, that study must develop and test concept, rather than solving the unproven research.

Case study

We will look at case study of Mary a single mother who lives alone, in the city suburb and has been experiencing joint pain for a long time. Mary decided to visit hospital one day to know the cause of her pain only to be diagnosed with Arthritis. The student will apply Psychosocial Theory to ensure that treatment of the patient is successful.

Arthritis is a disorder which affects the human joints. The Symptoms comprise of stiffness and joint pain. Other symptoms can include swelling, redness, warmth and decreased variety of motion of joints which are affected by this condition. In different types of arthritis, organs are too affected. The onset may be sudden or gradual. There are numerous forms of arthritis with different symptoms. The common types of arthritis are Psoriatic Arthritis osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

Symptoms and signs of osteoarthritis differ, depending on the joints are which affected by this disorder and severity of the affection. Though, most known symptoms are stiffness and pain, mostly first thing in the morning and following resting. The affected joints can get swollen, particularly after lengthy activity.

The clinical management OA has mostly relied on the symptomatic interventions. Even though there is no identified cure for the OA, it is clear that management of predisposing and risk factors are significant in retarding and halting disease development. Recent research in the development of the disease-modifying OA drugs (DMOADs) are similarly encouraging in prospect management of the OA

The Osteoarthritis prevalence is increasing owing to the ageing population and an upsurge in related causes like obesity. According to United Nations organization, by the year 2050 persons older 60 years will compose over 20 percent of earth’s population. Of the 20 percent, a conservative approximate of 15 percent will be having the symptomatic OA, one-third of which will be disabled. This simply indicates that by the year 2050, around 130 million persons will be suffering from OA globally, of whom around 40 million will be disabled by this disease (Flynn & Johnson, 2011)

The differential diagnosis of arthritis

Diagnosis is usually made through clinical checkup from a fitting health expert and can be reinforced by different tests such as blood and radiology tests, depending on a form of the suspected arthritis. Every arthritis’s possibly feature pain. The pain patterns can differ and usually depends on the location and arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis disorder is usually worse during the morning hours and linked to stiffness; during the initial stages, patients usually show no symptoms after the morning shower. Osteoarthritis tends to grow worse following exercise. In children and age may not be the main presenting feature; the old patient moves less.

The X-ray and Blood tests of affected joints usually are carried out to make the diagnosis. The screening blood examinations are shown if certain arthritides are suspected.

Dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.

Contact dermatitis is red and itchy rash which is caused by direct interaction with substance or allergic reaction the substance. The rash is not life-threatening or contagious, but it may be very painful. Many substances different cause such reactions, including cosmetics, soaps, jeweler, fragrances and plants.

To successfully treat the contact dermatitis, one need to pinpoint and evade the source of the reaction. If one can evade the coming into contact with the substance, rash typically clears up in around two to four weeks. One can try soothing the skin with wet and cool pads and anti-itch creams.

Topic dermatitis (eczema) is the disorder that makes the skin itchy and red. It's very common for children but may arise at any stage of life. The self-care and treatment measures may release itching and stop the new outbreaks.

Psoriasis is chronic common skin disorder which speeds up skin cells life cycle. It makes cells to grow quickly on the skin surface. The additional skin cells generate scales and the red patches which are itchy and painful.

Psychosocial Theory Application

Critically discuss the importance of psychosocial support required for Mary.

Psychosocial is a treatment method which usually looks at persons in the setting of the joint influence that the psychological features and the immediate social setting have on their mental and physical wellbeing and their capacity to function.

There is prove of fiscal advantages of psychological mediations for both the mental health and the physical health complications. Focused psychosocial support can have a significant part in protecting the patients against the negative results and promoting wellness of the patient. The psychosocial support: helps the patient function in their social setting, brings hope, and helps them to cope with the illness, after the Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Psychosocial methods to handling arthritis pain usually comprise of coping skills training, educational programs, and the cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). The interventions, usually focus is the provision of data necessary to understand the basis for the method selected to enhance management of stress, self-efficacy, decrease weakness and the catastrophizing, and possibly most significantly, develop and the detailed practice expertise, applied to individual’s particular life situation. This helps the patient to cope with stressing outcomes of arthritis and finds the necessary support required during this challenging time (Henderson & Bryan, 2011)

Provide an explanation to assist Mary to have an understanding of elective surgery and its benefits and provide a concise plan for the preoperative preparation of this patient.

Elective operation or elective procedure is a type of surgery which is arranged in advance since it doesn’t involve the medical emergency. There is also semi-elective operation is a type of surgery which is usually carried out to preserve patient's life, but doesn’t need to be carried out straight away. The elective surgery is a matter of choice. Doctor or patient can make a choice. For instance, the time when the surgical procedure is carried out can be elective. This procedure is beneficial to the patient in many ways since it helps relieve the pain, reform body structures and eliminate worn-out skin tissues which may be hazardous to patient’s life. this surgery doesn’t need be carried at a specific time (Giannoudis, 2012)


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