Cytokines Modulators in Plants. Chemical and Therapeutics Studies

Master's Thesis, 2016

174 Pages

Abstract or Introduction

The aim of the present study is (1) the screening group of plants that are traditionally used as immune-enhancers in an attempt to find the major fractions that are responsible for the activity of these plants and correlating them with already published studies. (2) The Modification of structure of the most active immunomodulatory component through semisynthetic derivatization reactions. The modifications will be made in pursuance of gaining a deeper insight of the structural requirements for immunomodulatory activity. (3) Testing the immunomodulatory activities of both natural and semisynthetic compounds. And (4) studying the mechanism of action of the active compounds as antioxidantand anti-proliferative.

Immunity is the body ability to identify and resist harmful pathogen. Metaphorically, the immunity is the body’s army that enables prevention as well as fighting of infectious diseasestoprotect self-tissues and organs from damage.

The immune system has a multi-layered construction with multiple defense stages. The skin is considered the first barrier of immunity. Then, physiological barriers take place, which are body physical conditions for examplepH and temperature that affordunsuitableenvironments for pathogens to live. Then, if a pathogen has escaped the first barriers and entered the body, it deals with innate immunity as well as acquired and/or adaptive immunity. Both systems consist of number of molecules and cells that interact in a complex manner to detect and eliminate any threat. Detection as well as elimination relay on bonding of immune cellular surface receptors as well as chemical binding to pathogens to trigger complex interaction of signaling of immune response.


Cytokines Modulators in Plants. Chemical and Therapeutics Studies
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cytokines, modulators, plants, chemical, therapeutics, studies
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Prof. Farid Badria (Author)Diaaeldin M. Elimam (Author)Fatma M. Abdel Bar (Author)Hosam M. Zaghloul (Author), 2016, Cytokines Modulators in Plants. Chemical and Therapeutics Studies, Munich, GRIN Verlag,


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Title: Cytokines Modulators in Plants. Chemical and Therapeutics Studies

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