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Professor Farid Badria, (currently an Emeritus Professor in Pharmacognosy De-partment), Ph.D. in Microbial Transformation from the University of Mississippi, USA, and 2 Masters of Science in Pharmacognosy and Cell Biology from Egypt and USA
TWAS-ARO- TWAS-ARO, in “Public Understanding and Popularization of Sci-ence (2013), World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Gold Medal as The Best Inventor in Egypt (2011), Recognition Outstanding Award in Medicine (Egypt, 2001), Outstanding Arab Scholar, Kuwait (2000); Khawrazmi Award, Iran (2000), are just to mention some of the awards he received.
Prof. Badria has submitted 43 patents, of which 16 had been granted certificates with intellectual protection for 20 years. With over 200 publica-tions, 8 books, and many review articles, He continues to lead research projects on: developing new therapy for liver disorders, arthritis, skin disor-ders, and biomarkers for cancer.

Research Interests:

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences

- Diagnosis of Cancers (Ovarian and Liver)
- Diagnosis of Pathological Disorders of Retina.
- Decision Making of Viral infection of liver.
- Prediction of Health Hazards of Obesity.
- Predication of Developing Liver Cancer
- Optimization of Extraction Methods of Medicinal plants.


- Inhibitors for Aldose reductase for treatment of Cataract
- Inhibitors for Amylase and Glucosidase for treatment of Obesity and Diabetes.
- Inhibitors for Proline hydroxylase for treatment of Liver Fibrosis.
- Inhibitors for Tyrosinase for treatment of Hyperpigmentation.
- Inhibitors for Hyaluronidase for treatment of skin aging
- Inhibitors for Topoisomerase for treatment of cancer
- Inhibitors for Leukotriene Hydrolase for treatment of Inflammatory Disorders (Hepatitis, IBS, Bronchial Asthma)

Developing New Therapy for Liver Disorders

- Hepatoselective Fibrosuppressive Agents from Natural Origin.
- Early Diagnosis and Intervention of Progress of Liver Cancer
- Mechanism of Natural Products on Hepatic Stellate Cells, fatty liver, and HCC.
- Natural Endogenous Interferon Stimulant from Natural Products
- Schistomicidal Agents

Developing New Therapy for Skin Disorders:

- Phytotherapy for Alopecia Aerata
- New Phytotherapy for Hirsutism and Hyperpigmentation disorders
- New Therapy for Amyloidosis

Biomarkers: A New Marker for Hepatocellular Carcinoma, nephropathy, and liver fibrosis


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