Electricity and Magnetism. Basic principles and methods

Textbook, 2020

541 Pages, Grade: 4.00

Abstract or Introduction

The book is intended as a text book on Electricity and Magnetism for undergraduate levels students of Physics and also as a reference book for anyone who is interested in this field of enquiry. This volume demanded such as to explain the physical concepts, to describe the mathematical formalism, and to present illustrative examples of both the ideas and the methods of Electricity and Magnetism.

The book comprehensively discusses all topics that are usually taught to upper undergraduate students of Physics. Written for general physics courses this text deals with large-scale phenomena and then proceeds to small-scale less accessible phenomena. Examples of calculations are presented after important formulas are derived, and actual related experiments are explained in detail. Sometimes, students were facing serious obstacles in their learning process due to their unavoidable situations and lack of previous background study of Electricity and Magnetism. This book will help the students alike who have no previous much study of Electricity and Magnetism. It is written such that the basic understanding of Electricity and Magnetism is conveyed to the students without any difficulty. Also teachers of courses on Electricity and Magnetism can use this book as their own lecture plans without any modification.

It is to be noted that the purpose of this book is to cover the basic principles and methods of Electricity and Magnetism which are usually included in the course of teaching Physics at the undergraduate levels student. I hope this book will be useful to the students and teachers in the different universities around the world.


Electricity and Magnetism. Basic principles and methods
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Dr. Alauddin Khan (Author)Prof. Dr. Shumsun Naher Begum (Author), 2020, Electricity and Magnetism. Basic principles and methods, Munich, GRIN Verlag, https://www.grin.com/document/975554


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Title: Electricity and Magnetism. Basic principles and methods

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