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About the book (back cover text):
This book has been written with the notion that a wave is associated with a particle i.e. wave
and particle coexist. Heisenberg's uncertainty principle has been described taking this into
account. This volume has a threefold purposes: [i] to explain the physical concepts of
Quantum Mechanics, [ii] to describe mathematical formalism, and [iii] to present illustrative
examples of both ideas and methods. The book is intended as a text book on Quantum
Mechanics for undergraduate and graduate levels and also as a reference book for anyone who
is interested in this field of enquiry. The book consists of 17 chapters. Particular interest of the
readers will be attracted to the chapters on Matrix formulation, variational and WKB methods,
general angular momentum and their addition.

Author biography (back cover text):
The author is Dr Muhammad Alauddin Khan (alauddinkhan009472@gmail.com), Associate
Professor, Department of Physics, Government M. C. College, National University, Sylhet
3100, Bangladesh. He has been teaching Physics for more than 25 years for upper
undergraduate and graduate students. The book is based on his lectures to the students.


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