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Over my career, I worked in Higher Education, Public Administration and Law Library Automation and Management. In higher education, I taught graduate and undergraduate courses in economics, applied economics, business information technology, database design, and extension education for close to twenty years. In Public Administration, I had the privilege of working in Federal Civil Services, as a Legal Instrument Examiner for the U.S. Coast Guard and Law Librarian/Legal Assistant with the Office of Hearings and Appeals, Social Security Administration. In State Public Health Management, I worked as a Financial/Customer Services Specialist for Washington State DSHS. I have covered assignments requiring leadership and managerial skills, including serving as Head of a College Department and Director of a Law library. I have been involved in project planning and development in higher education and public health. For example, I was engaged in strategic planning, enterprise management, facilities management, cataloging automation, staffing and technology adaptation for work automation in higher education, law library, and public health.

For public service, I serve as a Civil Service Commissioner (2012 - Date) for the City of Federal Way, Washington; Served as an Independent Salary Commissioner (2003 - 2012) and Planning Commissioner (1996 - 2000) for the same City and was on the Board of Bethel Christian Center, Federal Way, Washington. I believe strongly in Volunteerism as a way to give back to my country.

Specialties: Contract Negotiations and Placements; Project and Talent Management; Data Mining, Cataloging Automation and Performance Management; Interpersonal Communications at corporate and management levels, including using systems analysis for managing project life. I am a lean thinker who want to use this process to help advance enterprise goals. I am an appointed Notary Public in the State of Washington.

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Christopher Adekoya is a Civil Service Commissioner for the City of Federal Way, Washington, USA. He holds a doctorate from Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma. He is an advocate for health care reform.


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Civil Service Commissioner, City of Federal Way, Washington, US
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Author: Dr (Ph.D) Christopher Adekoya

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Employed at Civil Service Commissioner, City of Federal Way, Washington, US
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