Cornelia Rottenmoser


Cornelia is a holder of an MSc in Global Energy and Climate Policy - Merit from SOAS, University of London and has more than five years of progressive responsibilities in the civil service sector and missions abroad in Cote d’Ivoire, Mali, Japan, China, the UAE, Iraq,Senegal and Sweden.

Cornelia acquired critical, analytical and research skills as well as strong communication skills in diplomatic, crisis and development settings by implementing strategies and researching political backrounds and actual situations in the countries she served in.

She holds a Bachelor Degree in Modern China Studies (2.1) and is a licensed multi-lingual Management Assistant.

Working in a multicultural development and crisis environment provided her with exceptional cultural sensitivity, and enhanced her team work and leading skills. Solving difficult situations and working under pressure is a challenge, not a problem.

Cornelia's vision for the future is a more equitable world, between yesterdays, today’s and tomorrow’s generation. Cornelia has the wish to make a difference towards a saner life without giving up the achievements of humankind but by embracing new ideas.


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Civil Service
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Highest degree
Master of Science, Bachelor of Arts
Climate Change, Climate Finance, Energy Policy, Public Policy, International Relations, Security POlicy

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Author: Cornelia Rottenmoser

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Institution / College SOAS, University of London
Employed at Civil Service
Created on 7/6/2014

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