MA Ahmed Sheir


-Full Name:Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed Abdelkawy Sheir
-Occupation:Junior Lecturer of Medieval History, Damnhour University, Egypt
-Last Degree: M.A. of Arts in Medieval History, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany.
-Member of the Society for the Study of the Crusades and the Latin East (SSCLE ) 2014-2016

Honors and Awards:
Erasmus Munds Medaster Scholarship, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany.
▪ - “Ideal Student 2007“of the Faculty of Arts and the Alexandria University, Branch of Damanhur.
▪ - I have awarded the top- ranking in the cultural competition among the Egyptian universities-
▪ Students on project research entitled "The Peace in Islam"2007.

Publication and Conferences:
Ahmed Sheir. (Jan. 2015). The Fief of Tibnin (Toron) and Its Castle in the Age of the Crusades AD (1105-
1266 / AH 498- 664): A Study of Its Economic, Political and Military Role, Norderstedt, Germany: GRIN
Verlag GmbH, 2014. (Book)
▪ Ahmed Sheir. (2015). “Demographic, Socio-Economic an Architectural Structure of Tibnīn in the Age of the
Crusades,” Historical Kan Periodical, Nr. 29. (in press).
▪ - Ahmed Sheir. (2015). 1304-129 موقف مملكة أرمنيب الصغر م ي ه الصراع بيه غازان خبن ودولة الممبليك6 "" {The Position
of the Kingdom of Lesser Armenia from the conflict between Ghazan Khan and Mamluks 1296-1304}, in
Armenia in Arabic and Western Sources, vol.2, Fourth International Conference of the Armenian Studies,
Armenian Studies Center, Cairo University, Egypt. (in press). Abstract of this paper was published in "ملحق
أرتبك العربي في الشئون الأرمنية" Nov. 2011
▪ -Ahmed Sheir. (July 2014). The Fief of Tibnin between the Muslims and the Crusaders 1229-1266 / 583-664,
Norderstedt, Germany: GRIN Verlag GmbH, 2014. (E-book and printed book)
▪ - Ahmed Sheir. (Feb. 2014). “The Military Role of the Fief of Tibnīn against the Muslims in the Age of the
Crusades (AH 498-583/ AD 1105-1187),” Journal of Religious Culture (Journal für Religionskultur), Nr.
188 (2014).
▪ -Ahmed Sheir. (2014). The Political Role of the Castle of Tibnīn in the Age of the Crusades AD 1105-1187/
AH 498-583, in Crusades Medieval Worlds in Conflict, Third International Symposium on Crusades Studies,
Saint Louis University, USA. (under review)


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