Ph.D. Ghadi Younis


Younis G. (2015): Practical Method to Solve Large Least Squares Problems Using Cholesky Decomposition . Geodesy and Cartography, Volume 41, Issue 3, Taylor and Francis, ISSN : 2029-6991 (Print), 2029-7009 (Online).

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Younis G. (2014): The use of Smart Phones for solving Mathmatical Problems for Engineering Students, First National Conference in Teaching and Learning " Toward Creative Initiatives in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education" ,<Action Research> 2-3.Dec.2014. Palestine Polytechnic University. Hebron, Palestine.

Ghadi Younis (2013):Regional Gravity Field Modeling with Adjusted Spherical Cap Harmonics in an Integrated Approach, Schriftenreihe Fachrichtung Geodäsie der Technischen Universität Darmstadt (39). Darmstadt . ISBN 978-3-935631-28-0 [Book], (2013).

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Jäger R., Kaminskis J., Strauhmanis J. and Younis G. (2012): Determination of Quasi-geoid as Height Component of the Geodetic Infrastructure for GNSS-Positioning Services in the Baltic States, Lativian Journal of Physics and Technical Sciences, N 3, Vol. 49, ISSN 0868 - 8257.

Chiriac V., Nistor-lopatenco L., Grama V., Jäger R., Sphon P. and Younis G. (2011): Development of new geodetic ifrastructure in the Republic of Moldova. EUREF-Symposia 2011 , Chisinau, Molodva.

Younis G., Jäger, R., Becker M.(2011): Transformation of Global Spherical Harmonic Models of the Gravity Field to a Local Adjusted Spherical Cap Harmonic Model. AJGS, Springer, Berlin / Heidelberg , DOI: 10.1007/s12517-011-0352-1.

Jäger, R., S. Kälber and Younis G. (2010): The New RTCM 3.1 Transformation Messages – Declaration, Generation from Reference Transformations and Implementation as a Server-Client Concept for GNSS-Services. Bulletin of Geodesy and Geomatics - BGG, issue 2-3.

Ghadi Younis (2006): Further development of the L2/ L1-norm GOCA Kalman-filtering DLL and extension to the computation and visualisation of variance estimations and probability and forecasting states. Master Thesis at Hochschule Karlsruhe - University of Applied Sciences , Karlsruhe, Germany. ISBN: 978-3-656-70194-1 , ISBN: 978-3-656-70383-9


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