Robert Akumbobe


My name is Akumbobe Adombire Robert. I am third of five children. I started my education at Tarongo primary school. I had to alternate with my cousin in attending school. We had to take care of animals and school at the same time. l was determined and did not allow that to deter me. I proceeded to Junior High school and finally to Senior high school outside my community. I did creditably well but had to work to raise money for University admissions the following year. I read bachelor of education in maths at the university. I had to work during holidays to raise money for the next semester. I got a job as a teacher after my mandatory national service . Not being satisfied, i enrolled for my second degree in applied Statistic while still working. I have since graduated and is looking forward to getting a job at the polytechnics or colleges of Education in my country. I have written books in mathematics targeting students at the lower levels in my country. I have also worked on part time jobs as a maths teacher in some junior high schools in my community and their results in the basic school exams have been impressive.
I have also conducted research during school and after school. My second degree thesis have been published and i have two papers awaiting publication.

About Me

I am a 35 year old young man from Ghana, West Africa. I have a passion for Mathematics and wish every child should have a very strong desire for the subject. I am looking for an opportunity to help rural children in Ghan


Employed at
Bolgatanga Senior High School
Author since
I am looking for
An opportunity to do PHD in Statistics or Mathematics
I have to offer
My knowledge in maths to help rural children in Northern Ghana. I hope i will get support from individuals all the world to actualise this dream.
Highest degree
Msc Applied Statistics
Reading and helping children in maths

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Institution / College Bolgatanga Senior High School
Employed at Bolgatanga Senior High School
Author since 9/1/2014

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