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Sylvia Coulson graduated from Northampton University in 2012 and achieved a 2:2 Bachelor of Arts Joint Honours Degree in History, Law and Philosophy. She obtained a Higher Education Diploma in Politics, History, English Literature and Education and studies Accountancy and Conveyancing, as well as supporting her local community at the Citizens Advice Bureau. Whilst at University, she became elected as a Student Representative and took part in Board Room Committee meetings where she helped to improve Student Services.

Sylvia Coulson's passion for Social History stems from being born in Ghana in 1962, where her father taught Maths and English, until she returned to the East End of London. Her love of this topic area can be felt in many of her works, for example, within Human Rights, Terrorism, Organised Crime and in works centred around Poverty in 19th Century Britain.

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Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in History, Law, Philosophy and Diploma in Politics, Education, History and English Literature, Maths, Psychology, Biology, IT, Accountancy.
Gateway Assessor at Citizens Advice Bureau.


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Citizens Advice Bureau
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Specialist knowledge in Legal Advice within employment, housing, debt, and other social issues as well as excellent database and other IT skills and, accountancy and writing skills.
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High School Diploma, Bachelor of Arts Honours
Playing tennis and squash, reading Dan Brown and Horowitz novels, swimming, playing bowls

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Employed at Citizens Advice Bureau
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