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Bonga Wellington Garikai is a native of Mhike Village in Gokomere Mission, Masvingo, Zimbabwe. Born on the eleventh of January 1984 in a family of six. He went for his primary education at Gokomere Central Primary School, and his Secondary education at Gokomere High School, which he completed in 2003. He attained a BSc (Hons) Economics degree in 2007 with the University of Zimbabwe. He also did his post graduate degree with the same university which he completed in 2009, MSc Economics. He then worked as an Economist at the Ministry of Youth Development, Indeginization and Empowerment. Later in the year 2010, he joined Zimbabwe Revenue Authority as a Customs Officer, the position he holds today. With passion for education, he was enrolled with Zimbabwe Open University for an MBA degree which he attained in 2013. In 2014 he attained a PhD in Economics with Atlantic International University. The author has published many research articles with various research institutions both locally and abroad. He is married to Elsie Tinotenda Gambiza and has two daughters Praise and Grace.

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A Researcher/Economist/Policy Analyst. PhD Economics (AIU), MBA (ZOU), MSc Economics (UZ), BSc (Hons) Economics (UZ)


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