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Born in Greenville Mississippi moving to Birmingham, Alabama, at an early age where he later attended Woodlawn High School. After high school Bracy enlisted in the United States Army leaving for basic training only days after graduation. During his time served (approximately 10 years) he had an opportunity to see the world, living in various places to include Europe and Central America. Upon honorable discharge he settled in Wilmington, Delaware where he began his career as a firefighter. While serving as a public safety official he soon realized education was the key to a successful career and future. Hence, he returned to school and acquired several degrees including a Masters in Human Services from Springfield College and a Doctorate (PhD) in business from Capella University. His journey afforded him an opportunity to amass a great deal of life learning experiences as well as a massive amount of formal training and education in an array of disciplines. Currently Bracy is focused on leadership research, theory and practice, while working as a college professor and caring for his family, which includes a wife and 8 daughters.


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