Dr. Evangelos Axiotis


Pharmaceutical Chemist and qualified pharmacist (Pharm.D.) in Italy,Greece and qualified pharmacist and hospital pharmacist in Denmark
Ph.D.in Clinical Immunology, Medicine School of Rome (Rare pediatric syndrome - Vici syndrome).
Specialized in infectious diseases (tuberculosis) and qualified to work in ABSL2/3 biosafety laboratories (NIH, Italy).
Expert in In vivo pharmacology (mice models),virus and mycobacterium manipulation (tuberculosis and influenza virus) with experience in P3 biosafety laboratories (NIH Italy and Univeristy of Rome "La Sapienza" - postgraduate research),infections.
Interested in complex physico chemical systems and biodynamics (especially autophagy ,pharmaceutical nanotechnology and veiculation systems),advanced bioinformatics and biostatistics,new protocols for molecular immunology,orphan diseases,medicinal plants and pharmaceutical management.

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Pharmaceutical Chemist and qualified pharmacist (Pharm.D.) with a Ph.D. in Clinical Immunology
Interested in complex physico chemical systems,biodynamics and advanced bioinformatics


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