Bachelor of Science Don Cornwell


* Self-Starter
* Served ACTIVE US ARMY 1987 - 1996 honorably and with distinction
* War Veteran 1991 Persian Gulf War
* Found DOS/Windows in 1992 and purchased my first Tandy Computer
* Attended Austin Peay State University for a short time while serving-Focus was Business
* Attended Jefferson Community College, Louisville, KY-Major Computer Information Systems and Computer Programming.
* Transferred all credits years later in 2009 to the University of DeVry where I received a B.S. Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology with a minor in Computer Science and Computer Programming
* Programming Languages I have studied: BASIC, VBASIC, C, C++, Assembly, JAVA, Relational DBase Programming, Structural and
Object-Oriented Programing
* Key companies I have worked in the IT industry include: Vencor Health Care-Data Center Computer Operator-Output Specialist, UPS Supply Chains Solutions-Electronic Repair Technician-PC Repair and Printer Repair, Slot Technician in Las Vegas, LeCroy Instruments-Now Teledyne LeCroy - Assembler (Technical)
* Non IT Company - Jeffboat ACL Manufacturing Division-Class 1 Welder
* Hobbies include PC Gaming - MMORPG MMOAPP, TV-Console Gaming, Web Development, Music, Movies, and Technology.
* I am now running my first ever game website at and now I am running this Blog Website.
For the first time in my life, I am doing what I, want to do. Back in 1992 when I purchased my first Computer, which was a Tandy Computer, I said then, "One day I am going to make money using my personal computer." I now run a DELL Computer with Intel Architecture and my love for technology just keeps growing bigger-and-better. To me, Technology is "The Glory Of God" as Ezekiel saw it in Ezekiel Chapter 1. I'll never forget that it was my Father God whom blessed me with my earthly and spiritual talents. Thank you God, in the name of Jesus.

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Self-Starter. Served ACTIVE US ARMY 1987 - 1996 honorably
War Veteran 1991 Persian Gulf War. Graduate of DeVry University with B.S. Electronics Engineering Technology with a focus on C, C++, Java, Assembly programming.


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Electronics Enginnering, Software Testing, Electronics Repair, Research Development, Electronics Science, Electrical Science, Research Development Energy
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PC Repair, Electronics Repair, Ccircuit Board Repair, Electronics Engineering, Entry Level Programming, C++, Assembly, Windows 8.1, Entry Level Java, Unix, Software, Hardware, Healthcare Data Center Operation, It Support, Network Support, Network Adminstration
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Bachelor of Science, Electronics Engineering Technology
Writing, Web Development, E-commerce, Computer Scinces, Electronics Engineering, Technological Progress, Entrepreneurship

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