MA. Tigistu Amsalu Oljira


The author was born in Jimma Zone around Melko (in the vicinity of Jimma Agricultural Research Center, Ethiopia) in 1977. After completing his secondary school at Jimma Comprehensive Secondary School in 1995, he joined the then Awassa College of Agriculture and graduated with Diploma in 1997. Then, while serving for Agricultural Office of Dawo District (South West Sho’a Zone) he joined Haromaya University for BSc degree in 2003 and studied Rural Development and Agricultural Extension. Prior to joining Civil Service University to study Leadership in Dec 2013, he was working for the government with different expert and leadership positions at the district and Zonal level for the past 14 years. Now, he is living and working in Woliso town, Ethiopia.


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Author: MA. Tigistu Amsalu Oljira

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