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Joseph B. Bossip Holds a bachelor Degree in Business Economics -UPNG (Papua New Guinea), Post Graduate Diploma/Masters in Strategic Management -UPNG (Papua New Guinea), Masters in Project Management (Atlantic International University) USA. Doctorate in Project Management (Atlantic International University) USA.

He is currently a consultant, advisor to the CEO of PNG Power Limited, an electricity company in Papua New Guinea. Prior to that he works with other corporate organisations for the last 9 years both locally and abroad. He works for CTP Cargill in Singapore for 4 months secondment

His interest is in financial investment analysis, project management advisory role, financial strategy, Performance Management System, Corporate Turn around strategy, accounting etc.

He has other interest on religious studies, there are; post modernism, materialistic world view and religious worldview, atheistic and theistic, apologetics studies, moral value system and of course general theology.

He wrote a book titled: Major Impediments to the development of Papua New Guinea (Caused by Life Style Disease; Non-Communicable Disease, Corruption, Land Owner Issues and High Illiteracy rate in Papua New Guinea.
This book is published by a publishing company in Germany called GRIN publishing.

He also wrote couple of papers in various topics and issues affecting corporate organisations and the public sector and even the nation as a whole.

He owns a consulting firm which is called BOS Consultant Limited. Newly started operating in PNG alone.

His contact Details:
Mobile Phone: 675 72347956

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I'm Joseph B. Bossip, works with PNG Power as a consultant and advisor to CEO of PNG Power Limited. BEcB, UPNG, P/Graduate Dip/Ma. Strategic Mgt (UPNG) Master in Project Management (AIU) PhD in Project Management (AIU)


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