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Jaysukh H Markna

Dr.Jaysukh H Markna earned his B.Sc(2001) and M.Sc (Physics-Specialization in Electronics) (2003) degrees from Saurashtra University and his Ph.D in 2006 (DAE-BRNS –JRF). After working as DST-SRC Youg Scientist, he was appointed as lecturer at Government Polytechnic- Junagadh. He is currently working as an Associated Professor and Head, Department of Nanotechnology, VVP Engineering College-Rajkot. He has published over 40 research papers and has received several awards and also completed a sponsored research project on the Thin Film Devices (2007). His current research interests include the synthesis of Nano materials, Metal Nanocluster, Nanostructured Thin Films , Superconductor and Sensors.

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