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Cyrus Manasseh is a novelist, essayist, philosopher, historian and was a musician before he also took up writing. He teaches in universities and privately as a higher education consultant. He is an international scholar and has presented his ideas in a number of countries. Prof. Cyrus Manasseh PhD is also a Freelance Researcher and author of books ‘The Lead Guitarist’; 'The Island Library'; and ‘The Problematic of Video Art in the Museum 1968-90’. He is also author of numerous essays and scientific articles in the field of art history, film, architecture, video, museums, evolving media and theatre-drama. His published essays and articles include: The Art Museum in the 19th Century J. J. Winckelmann’s Influence on the Establishing of the Classical Paradigm of the Art Museum; Art without the Aesthetics? Defining Conceptual & Post-Conceptual Practices’; ‘From Passive White Cube Viewer to Active Black Cube User: Tracking Changes in Museum Environments via Installation Art (Analogue to Digital 1968-2008)’; ‘Art, Language & Machines: Marcel Duchamp, Francis Picabia & Raymond Roussel’ and many others. He has presented his research at international academic forums which include those in London, Sydney, Perth, Venice, Prague and Harvard where he was session chair and has lectured and has taught extensively in Australian Universities. He was a finalist for the International Award for Excellence in the Constructed Environment Journal Writers Award Annual Prize for the academic essay ‘An Inquiry into the Design and the Aesthetics of the Venice Biennale Pavilions and Film’. His novel ‘The Lead Guitarist’ is currently published on Amazon.

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British novelist, essayist, philosopher, historian, musician


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Self as Independent Writer; Philosopher; Musician
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English literature and language scholar and instructor, Critical and historical perspectives on Architecture, Media, Film, Art, Video, Museum
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Philosophy, Film, Literature, Art, Architecture, Museums, English, Musicology

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Employed at Self as Independent Writer; Philosopher; Musician
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