Maters Degree Kibs Boaz Muhanguzi


Mobile telephone: +256772561366

Academic achievement:
Masters’ degree: Project Planning and Management
Masters’ degree: Economics
Bachelors’ degree: Education
Ph.D (Candidate)

Teaching experience:
Kyambogo University (2012-2017): Development economics, Project planning and management, Public sector economics, Industrial economics, managerial economics, international Finance and Research methods
Kampala International University (2011-2016): Theories of Development, financial management, Public Sector Economics, Public Financial Management, African Economies, Development Economics, Micro and macroeconomics, and Contracts and Procurement Management, and Research methods
Uganda Martyrs University (2012-2014): Research methods, Human Resource Management, Development economics, Project planning and management, Principles of management, Economics concepts, and Entrepreneurship
Uganda Pentecostal University (October 2009 to July 2011): Quantitative methods, Banking and Finance economics, Health economics, Managerial economics, Development Economics, and Business Statistics


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