Dr. Elisabet Tasa-Vinyals


Barcelona, 1988. She is currently a medical intern at the service of Psychiatry at the General Hospital of Vic (Catalonia). She majored in Medicine and in Psychology (w/Honours) at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She also holds a Postgraduate degree in Integrative Psychotherapy, a Master's degree in Applied Clinical Research, and a Master's degree in Gender Studies, Intersectionality and Change. She has been nominated for the National Higher Education Excellence Awards (2012) and the Prince of Girona Foundation Awards in the category of Scientific Research (2014 and 2015). She has also been awarded several national and international research grants and scholarships, including a Catalan FI-DGR 2014, a Spanish FPU 2013, a Nova Domus 2015 at Dalhousie University (Canada), and a collaboration scholarship at the Institute of Neurosciences (2009). She has been part of the Body Image Evaluation and Intervention Unit at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, the Gender and Health Promotion Studies Unit (GAHPS), and the European Union Centre of Excellence (EUCE) at Dalhousie University (Canada). She is a regular contributor to various media.


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