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I am an academic enthusiast from Grenada, a small island in the Caribbean. In 2010, I graduated from St. George's University with a bachelor of science degree in marketing. In 2015, I graduated with a master of arts degree in international communication from Communication University of China. I believe in the power of education. Coming from humble beginnings, I knew there was only one way out and that was through education. I have empowered myself through learning, experience and the eagerness to achieve.
On the personal or cultural side, I have been crowned Miss Grenada National Carnival Queen 2008 and Miss Carival 2009. I've participated in seven beauty pageants, my participation has boost my self confidence, self esteem and has filled me with humility. In the future I will embark on pursuing my PhD in media studies/communication. In terms of the career path, I am interested in academia and as such I will like to be a professor/lecturer/teacher. I know that there is a rewarding satisfaction in sharing knowledge while learning from others and helping them with the journey towards success, I will like to be a part of that movement.

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I recently graduated with my masters of arts degree from Communication University of China. I am currently embarking on undertaking my Ph.D in media psychology or communication. I have a special interest in media studies


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