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Mr. Nendauni is currently an Academic Excellence Coordinator in the Faculty of Humanities at Tshwane University of Technology. His roles amongst others includes both staff and student support by ensuring academic success. He holds an Honours Degree in Linguistics (Cum Laude), BA Degree in Media Studies from the University of Venda and is currently reading for a Master of Arts in Linguistics with the aforementioned university. He also hold various certificates from the Young African Leaders Institute. Prior to joining Tshwane University of Technology, he worked as a Monitoring and Evaluation officer of mentorship and tutorship programme and as a Writing Centre Coordinator under the Centre for Higher Education Teaching and Learning at the University of Venda. He has worked for Univen FM and Successful Women magazine as a journalist trainee responsible for language editing and proofreading of articles. Mr Nendauni is also a part-time lecturer at IIE Rosebank College where he teaches wide array subjects ranging from: English, Business Communication, Applied Communication Techniques and Communication Sciences. He is an emerging researcher with three (3) articles accepted for publications and two under review.

He has presented papers and chaired sessions in various conferences and he has delivered key note addresses for two years successively in AIME (Australian Indigenous Mentorship Experience) trainings. Mr Nendauni sit with the executives of HELTASA (Higher Education Learning & Teaching Association of Southern Africa) as a membership assistant and he is also an accredited freelance copy-editor associated with the Professional Editor’s Group. He is a member of NSSA (Name Society of Southern Africa), NWASA (National Writers Association of South Africa), YALI (Young Africa’s Leaders Institute), and HELTASA (Higher Education Learning & Teaching Association of Southern Africa). Mr. Nendauni scope of work is centered on academic writing, professional writing, mentorship, tutorship and academic support. His research interest includes teaching and learning pedagogy, Academic Literacies, Reading and Writing Centres, Language Acquisition (psycho-linguistics), Deaf education (sign language linguistics), Language and the brain (neurolinguistics), pragmatics and communication. He is a reputable professional freelance copy-editor registered with the Professional Editor’ Guide.


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