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Joyette Fabien is a former secondary school teacher and social services administrator, but remains a teacher at heart. She is author of two short story collections , 'Motherless Children and Other Stories' and 'Four Strong Women' published both as paperbacks and as E-books. She is a featured author at and and has published a number of articles on LinkedIn. She is also editor of the poems and short story collections of her daughters, Jenel and Jamesa Fabien. These include: 'Lighter Days and Brighter Moments' by Jenel J Fabien and Jamesa J Fabien, 'From "What! No Cheese?" to What Might Have Been' by Jenel J Fabien, 'Life ,Love and Laughter' by Jamesa J Fabien and 'Memories, Magic and Marshmallows by Jamesa J Fabien' . Apart from the fact that she enjoys writing, Joyette uses writing as a means of sharing her knowledge and experience with others as well as a medium for social commentary. Grin offers the perfect opportunity to share her research papers and academic theses with others working in like areas.

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Writing is my passion. Writers have a lot to share and I am very happy that the internet has made it possible for writers to share their knowledge and experience, gained over the years, with readers around the world.


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