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Morris Williams is a graduate student at Lasell College School of Communications. Williams served two combat tours in Iraq as an active duty member of The United States Army for 15 years and now he is a member New York’s Army National Guard, where he serves as a chief warrant officer working on the Army’s ADAM (Air Defense Air Manage) cell. Williams is the only qualified 140A (command and control communications system integrator) in the state of New York. In October 2014, Williams was recommissioned in the Army and assumed the position of 42nd Infantry Division Chief Warrant Officer. Williams has an Associates of Applied Science Degree in Electronics from Bishop State Community College in Mobile, Alabama. August 2014, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts from Marist College, Poughkeepsie N.Y. and Masters of Communications in Public Relations from Lasell College in Newton, Massachusetts. Currently enrolled at Capella University as a PhD Candidate. Williams is certified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the local radiation safety officer (LRSO) for Camp Smith, New York and currently, a member of the (HRF) Homeland Response Force FEMA Region II as a liaison officer.. Williams was formerly a field service engineer for International Business Machine, where he repaired the tools that populated silicone wafers with microchips. Outside of his professional and academic commitments, Williams spends his free time watching movies, working out in the gym, and regularly attending mass.

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US Army warrant officer, two combat deployments, that is currently a federal electronics and calibration technician. I'm perusing a doctorate in human services to help citizens negotiate health care red tape.


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