B.Sc. Sanath Dasanayaka


Sanath Dasanayaka is a Sri Lankan personal development author and a leadership expert. He is a management graduate from one of the prestigious state universities in Sri Lanka. He loves reading, writing and adventures. Sanath's writings are basically on goal setting, leadership, higher purpose of life and ways of living better.

Sanath's voice: "I am just a common man, who loves exploring the deep bottoms in my mind and experimenting about the better ways of living. I love thinking without boundaries and journaling my insights. I have spent years, searching for the ways to achieve more in life; love, better relationships, happiness and success. I started my searching, while I was still in the university years ago. Time passed. Read hundreds of books. Experienced a lot. Finally, I realized something invaluable. The way of achieving more in life is the result of personal transformation. In other words, everything can be achieved, by transforming yourself to the next level of realization."


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Author: B.Sc. Sanath Dasanayaka

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