Longji Ayuba Dachal


Personal Data
Name- Longji Ayuba Dachal
Date of Birth-11th November, 1987
Sex- Male
State of Origin- Plateau State, Nigeria.
Local Government Area- Pankshin
Schools Attended
1. Demonstration Primary School (C.O.E, Akwanga, Nassarawa State, Nigeria) 1990-1997
2. College Staff Children School (C.O.E, Gindiri, Plateau State, Nigeria) 1998-1999
3. COCIN Comprehensive College, Gindiri, Plateau State, Nigeria 1999-2005
4. Jos ECWA Theological Seminary, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria 2006-2009
5. Jos ECWA Theological Seminary, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria 2010-2013
6. Institute of Education, A.B.U, Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria 2016
Academic Certificates Obtained
1. First School Leaving Certificate 1999
2. O’ Level (WAEC, NECO) 2005
3. B.A in Theology (Pastoral Studies) 2009
4. M.A in Theology (Biblical Studies-Old Testament) 2013
5. Professional Diploma in Education 2017


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Author: Longji Ayuba Dachal

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Created on 11/3/2016

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